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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 56: Episode 41: Peace, The Return to Normal

The school bell echoed through the classroom, announcing the end of the day.

So that’s the end of the semester… I guess we have spring break now, but we have to plan ahead for exams, so it’s not so exciting.

Cooooooo! (Release, aah, glorious release! Until we meet again, loyal friends!)
I wonder what kind of class I’ll be in next year? I hope we’re all together again.
Hmph, that would promise to be another unpleasantly noisy year. I hope you all will have learned to behave yourselves by then!
Coooo! (Okosan is always behaving himself!)
You’re the worst of the lot!

The weekend? Aside from Sunday morning TV, no. Why do you ask?
Umm… I was wondering if we could meet up somewhere.
Of course! Gosh, you don’t have to be so formal, Ryouta!
I guess that’s true. I’ll send you an email, okay? See you!

A loud crashing noise is heard.

Have you two knocked another flask over? I keep telling you not to go running around the infirmary.
Merry Christmas! (Miru and Kaku didn’t do anything!)
…I’m sorry, my wing slipped.
You’re the last one I’d have expected to see break something, Doctor.

…In any case, I’ve lost my concentration now. I think I would do to take a little air. I shall leave early.
He seems to be recovering a lot more slowly than me. I wonder if he saw something particularly terrifying in that dream.
Anyway, time to clean this up. Could you two get me the broom?

Today, I settle the score! You shall have a front-row seat for the (second) unveiling of my wonderful masterpiece now!
Prepare yourself, Isa Souma! The artistic weapon I shall unveil today is--
Your target isn’t here, not-so-young kiddo.
Wh-what…!? And hey, what kind of name is that!? I am offended!

What rotten luck! This is too much! Where does he live? I’ll break in through his window if I have to!

Wait, Anghel… Didn’t the Disciple of the Violet Rose go across the border to train himself in the last chapter? Even if the Snow-Demon sage loses, won’t it take a while for him to find out?
! I see… Yes, that is correct, Edel Blau. This is a terrible contradiction! It stinks of the demon spores…
These Demon Spores sure are scary, Anghel! Come on, let’s think about how the Disciple of the Violet Rose should make his fall into darkness, okay?
Very well. In accordance with the contract of old!

The music stops.

And so, the story of Holiday Star comes to a close. But that doesn’t mean that we’re finished with the game!

Our gallery now has all of the picture books that we saw in Chapter 4, the full picture of our favorite demon King (referred to as the Increased King), and…

We also get a better look at all of the stained glass floors from each bird’s room in the egg!
It looks like a couple pieces of the gallery are still missing, but those will appear as we finish the bonus material.

We have a radio show that we can check out, and this one is about the birds’ human designs.

Then we have two new scenes available on this page. By clicking on the black feather, we get…

Albert is the crow employed as Sakuya’s butler. Apparently Yuuya doesn’t care for him…
The Super Agent is mobilizing all his resources to investigate this mysterious butler.

I guess we get to learn about that mysterious crow we met once before.
And the small orange bird on the Story page gives us…

The greatest event in a bird’s high school career--the field trip.
A little before everybirdie puffs up their chests with excitement, the professors of St. Pigeonation’s go to do a preliminary inspection.
Hitori, Kazuaki, and Shuu walking around Kyoto. It’s a pigeon-oriented tour!

We can take a guided tour around Kyoto with our favorite professors!
Well, we’ve got a lot to choose from, and nothing standing in our way. What are we gonna see first, guys?