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Part 24: Episode 15: The Day Arrives! The Messenger's Wild Attack

Today is Mr. Nishikikouji’s silly Destroy St. Pigeonation’s with a Giant Laser Day!

We have to protect our school!

As I made my declaration to no one in particular, I heard my walkie-talkie go off.
Oh! It’s Yuuya!

Salutations, mon amie. This is Sakazaki. I’m in the front of the Golden Weekly HQ. Over.
Report situation.
Everything’s as you predicted. There’s a giant laser inside the building.
It’s installed on the roof, and I think they’re adjusting the aim. Take a look with a telescope.

They’re preparing already!? Where’d I put the telescope…

Thank you! You’re always so well-prepared, Sakuya!

I took Sakuya’s telescope and peered through it into the city.
Let’s see, the building should be over…

Waaah! I-it’s huge!
It appears to be charging up. What is wrong with Japan’s public security forces? Why is he able to have a weapon like that?

My thoughts exactly.
I turned the telescope near the back of the cannon.

Given the size…

This is too much. If he turns the fantasies and delusions of that many otaku into power for a weapon… It might just be unstoppable.

We could be obliterated at any moment. What are situations like this called again? “Attention or die”?
Yes! Those!
Can’t you even remember basic English terminology? Humans, I swear…

Yes, sir!

That’s right, I have the extremely important job of defending from whatever attack comes our way.
This is a real battle. If we fall, the school burns! My blood is boiling already!

Hurry, we need to get ready!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
The hour of judgment draws near! We must disrupt the Light of Dark Judgment with Arcane Waves!

Anghel, Ryouta, Mr. Nanaki and I are on defense. Time for Operation Pretty Coore Shield!
Fight fire with fire, and hallucinogenic Filipino dove powers with hallucinogenic Filipino dove powers! If Mr. Nishikikouji can power his weapon with Anghel’s abilities, we can fight him off with those same abilities.
If we try hard enough and believe in each other… Anghel’s powers can make us all into magical girls!
Ryouta is Coore Grey!
Mr. Nanaki is Coore Light Grey!
I’m Coore Dark Grey!
And Anghel is the fairie who granted the Pretty Coore girls their mighty powers, Haricot!
With the four of us together,we can raise a Pretty Coore Barrier to protect the school from Mr. Nishikikouji’s nefarious plans!

This isn’t a joke! This! Is! PRETTY COORE!
I’m not sure, Lourde… Would a Pretty Coore shout like that?
I shall invoke the defensive rite of old… Shining Pretty Coore Field!
Anghel’s giving it his all! We just have to believe in each other, okay? We can do this!
The music stops.

The ghosts of the past, which have pained me these long years… That damnable partridge, who was always in my way! And the institution which let my genius wither!
It is time to say farewell to them all. I shall wash them clean away, and then it will be able to step into a brand new world of imagination! As the sun rises above, a new--
A phone rings.

Editor: Chief Editor, sir. Should we set the deadline for this year’s new face award to the end of March, like last year?
Oh. Um. Yes. Also we’ve got Takakishi Pou doing the announcement cut, so make sure to follow up with him.
Editor: Got it. Thanks, sir!
…Where was I again?
Umm… Anyway!

Tremble, philistines! Be awed by the artistry of my beautiful creation!

I’ll expect an apology in the next world, Isa Soouumaaaaaaa!!!

I hope you were paying attention back when Goon was watching Pretty Coore on TV, because we have to complete the transformation ourselves! And if you happen to choose the wrong option…
The music stops.

I don’t think that’s the right catchphrase, Lourde…
Edel Blau, we cannot begin the Forbidden Ritual if you do not entone the proper aria!
S-sorry! They only just got to transforming all at once, so I haven’t--

It was a valiant effort, but it seems we were unable to stop Mr. Nishikikouji’s attack. Maybe next time, when we invoke the proper transformation phrase!