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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 23: Episode 14: Surpassed!? Flashback: The Messenger's Motives

Hoho, naturally! We are talking about me here, after all. I feel terrible for all the biologists here--having to work under and empty-headed bird like you…
…I can’t see any reason why the biologists here would need pity from you.
What’s that? Who is he? One of yours?
Oh, is this the first time you two have met? This is our newest friend, Isa Souma! Come on, Isa, say hello to Mr. Nishikikouji.

A useless leader, and researchers who don’t even know how to greet their betters! The future of the biology division is the bleakest thing I have ever seen.
What are you talking about? Isa’s great! He’ll probably be the department head, someday. I bet you two will get along just fine!

Isa Souma. I can never claim the spotlight as long as he is here. But I must be the best! I have already decided I must!
I was worried about that feral, but he was no trouble. Our spheres of research never overlapped…
Nothing good has come of Isa’s taking over the division! My beautiful, glorious Second Optical Weapons Division… How can its name be so trod into the ground!?
…Isa’s origins are a mystery. Something is definitely not right here! The value they place in him must be mistaken!

I have no wish for depravity and decay. I shall gladly leave.