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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 38: Episode 25: Predawn - Chapter 3 End

The sky is so beautiful just before dawn… And I love the air at this time of day!
Do you always get up before dawn, Miss Lourde?
A hunter has to be awake and ready before the first light touches the ground!
I see. That must be tiring.

That’s true… But that doesn’t mean we have to forget the time we’ve spent here!

Nageki! I’m really happy we got to have this adventure together, even if it was just for one night. I’ll always remember this dream!
Cross my heart and dare to die!
…I’m glad I got to walk with you, too. Thank you.

In the real world, Nageki can never leave the school.
But one day… One day, I want to take him out like this again. There’s so much of the earth that I wish he could see.

It’s the start of a new day, Nageki. And I’ll see you in the library soon!

…It’s dawn. Goodbye, Miss Lourde.

I closed my eyes, waiting for my consciousness to return to the school roof.
The music stops.

I didn’t feel anything. The light in my eyes had passed, but nothing felt different.
I opened my eyes.

W-wait a minute! Where’s the sun? What about our dramatic buildup!?
Hmm, that’s odd. Dawn is supposed to come after predawn, isn’t it?

Well then… That’s certainly one way to end a chapter. I wonder what will happen from here on out?

Before we check any of that out, though, let’s see what bonus material we’ve gotten for Chapter 3.

There’s a new radio program with a rather in-your-face sort of name.

On the story page, a small cross with wings has appeared in the corner, so there’s only one bird this could be about.

The Gathering of the Brilliant Light shall take place in the promised land, in the darkest hour when the Eye of Heaven closes.
Can the Crimson Fallen Angel overcome his trials and arrive in time…?

Now that they mention it, where HAS Anghel been this whole time? I guess now we can find out.
So what’s first up, guys? What’re we gonna see?