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Part 28: Radio 2: The Pigeon and The Partridge

Part 2: The Pigeon and The Partridge

Hello, everybirdie! This is Kawara Ryouta, from class 2-3. It’s time for the second round of the question corner!
Independent programs like this don’t have to worry about viewer numbers, so we can take it easy. It’s very relaxing! Aren’t you feeling relaxed?
Anyway, this episode will be mostly spoiler-free, as well. Spoilers for the BBL will probably start showing up in the second half… I think? At any rate, everyone can listen to this without worrying.
Let’s start looking at letters. This time there are three for me!

How do I feel…? I’m not sure. I only ever cross-dress at work, after all.
It would be sort of like if I worked at a convenience store and put some sort of emotional weight into the act of wearing the apron… or something. It would be very strange.
And as for it being an excuse, well… That seems odd, too. It’s just a normal part of life to me.
On to the second letter! This is from one “Areko”.

There is a time limit, but you can ask for me any time you’re at the café. I’ll be waiting!
And now the third, from “coolenesexual”.
…I wonder if that’s the person who comes by every Friday?

Come again soon, master! ~☆
I don’t usually do this outside of the café, but… I had them get me a sailor uniform for this, so I’ll be back in a minute.

This is the first time I’ve worn a sailor uniform, actually. It’s a little drafty for this time of year…

W-what!? That’s too much of a mortality rate! I’m not in enough of a hurry to play Russian Roulette, you know… A-and don’t go changing the background music like that!

This is the question corner, Doctor. There’s a letter for you and me--may I read it to you?
What foolishness is this…
…Very well. We shall discuss the compensation later, of course.
I probably don’t want to know what you’ll ask for… But, thank you.
It’s from someone named Yuuya, and was sent on December 6th.

Thank you, Yuuya!
…This person seems quite well-informed.

Another December child! Happy birthday, Yuuya!
…You should say something too, Doctor!
Why? It is merely another year in their life. What reason is there to celebrate?
Aaah… Not that I had expected much from you, anyway.
I’m sorry, Yuuya. I’ll congratulate you for the doctor, as well!
Happy birthday!!

Merry Christmas!!!

If perhaps you have a change of heart and decide you would like to have your limbs and organs replaced, do let me know. Hohoho…
D-don’t even joke about that sort of thing, Doctor!
Umm… Seeing as the doctor is here, I’ll read a few more of these.

Do you, Doctor?
No, I do not make a habit of relying on such establishments. I simply do not leave anything in there which would be troubling to have stolen.

U-umm, I think not, Mr. Gull Guard. The doctor doesn’t seem interested. And that’s where I hide…
Pardon me, then. Please do call if you change your mind.

Yeah, really…
Time for the last one. This is from one “Helplessly in Love”.

What do you think, Doctor?
A foolish question. “I was visiting a town for the first time. The first man I met had a round face. Does everyone in that town have a round face?”
…Or something like that.
It’s from someone outside the school, so maybe you could answer less aggressively…?
Aggressive? Whatever do you mean? I believe I answered in a clear and concise fashion. There is no species of bird without individual differences.
Uuuummm… This is hard…

Chukar partridges’ eyes aren’t completely round, so they do look a little bit lethargic, or maybe suspicious. Also, when they hold their heads out, their necks are surprisingly thin.
They can look very vulnerable when they’re taking dustbaths, too!
……Do you take dustbaths, Doctor?

You must do it every once in a while, then. A defenseless, dustbathing Dr. Iwamine… A fascinating idea, if only because of how hard it is to imagine… I think I’d like to see it.
Curiosity killed the cat.
Yes! Yes! I know!
Is that enough? I believe the material from last night’s experiment will be ready soon, and I would very much like to go home.
Yes, we’re done. Sorry for holding you up! Thank you!

Then again, there are so many letters for the doctor… I’ll have to bring him back on at some point. Maybe next time I should get him a present or something to butter him up beforehand.

Broadcast End