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Part 12: Shrine Visit 2: Okosan

Shrine Visit 2: Okosan

I think it’s important to leave this screen in again for Okosan’s bit. Even the game doesn’t know what to think of Okosan’s birdie-ness.

Okosan, it’s cold! It’s way too cold for my featherless human skin!

A true bird until the end.

But Okosan, my house is completely unheated!
Coo!! (Okosan said, no complaining! Neglecting your training is bad! You will RUN!)
Ah, Okosan, wait! You’re too fast! I can’t keep up with you if you go that faaaaast!

We rushed by the playground I used to visit when I was a kid…

We ran through the mall and had the Gull Guard on our tail the whole time…

We even passed by the orphanage on the edge of town! What kind of route is this!?

Eventually, we reached the front of the White Dove Shrine, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped and put my hands on my knees, gasping for breath.

Coo, coooo! (Goon has become slow! Okosan is disappointed!)
Aaah… I’m sorry, Okosan…

I did give in to the cold and skip training a little over the past few weeks, so like Okosan said, my body has gotten soft and weak.
But what is his heart made out of? He went shooting off out of the blue all the way to here, and now he’s bouncing around energetically while I’m completely winded.
I don’t think all the cruelest roads and tracks in the world together could stand in defiance of Okosan’s steel-plated cardiovascular system.

Thank you, Okosan…

Did you come here to make your offering on New Year’s Day, Okosan?
Coooooo! (Okosan believes only in the Pudding God!)

Oh, right.

Ummm… And does this Pudding God have a shrine? Do you make offerings to him?

Huh…? So if he’s with you all the time, you don’t need to go out on New Year’s to say hello to him? Doesn’t he have a home?
Cooooo! (Of course he does! His home is in the Lost Ruins of Pudding!)

But I don’t understand!

Coo, coooooo! (The God of True Pudding sleeps in the Lost Ruins of Pudding, somewhere in this world! Okosan trains himself so that one day he may find the Ruins!)
Oh, I see. I wonder if I could find a certain goal like you and get more serious about my training that way.

Okosan flaps agitatedly about for a little while.
He does get awfully excited about pudding. But I still don’t understand what his idea of pudding is. It certainly isn’t the pudding I know…

Hey, Okosan. The god of this shrine is supposed to be a brilliant white dove who flies to faraway places.
Doesn’t that sound a little like you? …Well, you run to faraway places, rather than fly.
You’re like a god yourself, Okosan! I know you’ll get to meet the pudding god someday.

And so concludes Okosan’s shrine visit event.