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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 25: Episode 16: Pretty Coore! Open My Hato! The Counterattack

A single flower shredded by the BB gun’s rage! Coore Dark Grey!!

Wow, I always thought these sorts of magical outfits would be inconvenient, but this is surprisingly comfortable. I could get used to this!

We want to become seniors here, and graduate! We won’t let you destroy our school!
I just finished grading the proficiency tests, and it was a lot of work. Couldn’t you at least wait until after I’ve returned them?
Umm… I don’t really want to think about how I did on my proficiency tests so I guess even if the school got destroyed it wouldn’t be all that--

R-right! I’m scared about my tests… but it would be worse to let our school be blown away!
Mr. Nishikikouji! Your plot ends here!

Pretty Coore Barrieeeeeeeer!!!

It’s holding! We can do it!
We can… save the school!

But did you really think I didn’t have a backup plan?

What is it!?
He’s adding power! The second attack will come soon!

Tsundere racing dove uke moe~
Seme pink pelican moe~
The first wave was just a ranging shot. I’ve got more than just moe-loving pigs, after all.
I have heard that the fantasies of fangirls far surpass those of any fanboy! Watch, and be destroyed!

The music stops.

We do seem to be getting squeezed…
So my evil half… truly does have the power to destroy this world…?
We can’t give up! We have to defend the school! We’re the only ones… who can…!

Behind me, I could hear some of the other students coming out of the building, drawn by all the commotion.

Cooooo! (Everything’s all sparkly! Oh no!)
Merry Christmas…

Coo, coooo! (We cannot!)

Coooooooo! (You can do it, Pretty Coores!)

I could feel newfound power flowing through me!

Pretty Coores are warriors of love! Their kindness makes us stronger!
It’s very reassuring, isn’t it?

Allow me to end it for you. Remove all limiters! Output to maximum!
He’s tsundere and noble so he must be the uke? You dumb newbie! Everybirdie knows racing dove x tree sparrow is practically canon!
But butlers are so hot! Black-winged stilt x pink pelican is the best!
…What is this? Why is the energy converter becoming so unstable?

Pure spirits of light, gather and strike his golden hue! Shining Pretty Coore Burst!

With the Pretty Coore powers combined, we were able to push the laser back towards the Golden Weekly building!
Even from the school, we could hear the ensuing explosion as the laser hit its new target.