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Part 61: Radio 6: Extra-Large Edition

Part 6: Extra-Large Edition

Hello, everybirdie! This is Kawara Ryouta, from class 2-3.
This is our last question-answering session. We’ve come a long way, but it’s gone by so fast… I’ll be sad to see it end.
Anyway, we’ve got a bonus question this time. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
All right, first one! From *Suzukawa, for Hiyoko.

I’ll be answering the questions for Hiyoko again.
I was wondering about this a while ago too, so I asked her.
She said, “If I had to pick one, it would be kake udon.” It’s the most basic of the most basic, with just udon and broth--nothing else. She said she couldn’t let herself forget the true spirit of the noodle, after all.
She orders whatever she feels like at the cafeteria, but if it’s her first time at a restaurant she’ll usually get kake udon.
I guess maybe kake udon is the best gauge of a chef’s udon powers?
The next one’s for Sakuya, from tsukimu.

And you’re always so studious, too… What kinds of things do you know about aside from ninja and shrine offerings and fallen warriors?
Let us see… I know about sushi.
Ah, that’s definitely a point of Japanese pride! You’re an aristocrat, so you go to the really fancy sushi places, right?
Indeed. I’ve been to those places with the little conveyor belts.
? Not the ones without the little conveyor belts?
Do you mock me!? Why should I go to a sushi place without a little conveyor belt!?
Err…? Umm… But…

Uumm… I see. I guess you do usually end up spending more time in the ones with the little conveyor belts… maybe? I think?
All right, next we have two for Prof. Nanaki.
Mmm, yes. Let’s have them!
The first one is from Linalool.

So… How much do you sleep at home, sir?
Don’t worry, Linalool. I make sure to eat.
Probably not 97 percent, then.
Mmm, I do fall asleep while I’m having dinner sometimes, though. And in the bath…
Please make sure you don’t drown yourself sleeping in the bath, sir…
The next is from Shiroi.

We got a lot of people asking about this. Which is it, sir?
It’s not a shadow… It’s a common marking on male quails.
It’s right where the shadow of your head would be, though, so it is a little confusing.
Try searching for some pictures of button quails. You’ll find plenty of quails with a marking by the beak just like me.
Thank you, sir! The next one is for Yuuya.
Salutations! I’ll answer anything for a lady hoping to get to know me better.
Umm… Sorry, it’s anonymous, so we can’t really tell if it’s a lady or not.

Well, I wonder… All right, let’s just go with that.

That’s a little harsh, isn’t it?
Aaah… Yeah, this is definitely one that would be a little hard to ask with your name attached…
But asking the questions that are hard to ask is my job!
You’re awfully dedicated. I’ll answer in full candor, too.
All right, time to bite the bullet! Have you actually “got it”, Yuuya?

Is that a sort of backwards way of saying you have “got it”…? I wonder if we can call that full candor.
You satisfied for now? Let me know if another lady comes calling. Adieu!
Well, I guess for now we can just say he’s probably “got it”, whatever “it” is!
The next one is for San.
Coooooo! (Never worry, never fear, Okosan is already here!)

Coooooooo!? (You are asking about Okosan’s house!? Will you be coming to play!?)
Coooo! (Okosan will give you a warm welcome!)
And where is your house, Okosan?
Coo, cooooo! (Okosan lives in a great mansion!)
A-a mansion!?


Umm… Why a birdcage in the mansion?
Coo! (Okosan’s instincts tell him to sleep in a birdcage!)
Coo, coooooo! (The birdcage helps Okosan stay calm and relaxed!)
Cooooooooo! (Okosan shall return to his home and relax now!)
Uhh… Well, I’m not sure I entirely understand, but I guess San lives in a birdcage inside a huge mansion. I’d like to go visit him sometime and see exactly what sort of arrangement he has.
All right, time for the extra. This one’s for Miss Azami!
Are you here, Miss Azami?

You want to become my protégé, kid? Come to my takoyaki cart when the sun begins to set, if you’ve got the guts. I’ll show you how to ride like the wind!
There’s a question for Mr. Rabu as well, but would you like to answer it?
A question for him? Yeah, I’ll take it.

Wh-what kind of idiotic question is that!? Don’t go prying into other people’s private stuff, you brat!
Ow! Don’t kick me!
Carve it into your soul, kid! No peeping into my love nest!
Aaah, Miss Azami’s kicks really hurt…

The music stops.

I don’t know if she orders him around or not, but I think they get along pretty well.

All right, it’s time for our final letter. This one is anonymous.

Really? I’m so glad! Though, I… don’t know if there will be another one.
There might be, though! It’s still up in the air.
If there are plans for another, it’ll be mentioned on the official site and blog. Check back every once in a while, okay?

Broadcast End