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Part 66: Hatoful Manga - Kazuaki-kun's Book

Well, since we just met the man(ish) himself, I suppose this is the right time for...

No matter how I feel about this manga, these covers remain solid gold

Kazuaki-kun's Book!

Kazuaki-kun's Book covers the life of the solo pigeon Kazuaki, a true-blooded NEET* of the highest order, in a world where Nageki lived and Hitori never killed Kazuaki to steal his identity. This is the shortest of the Hatoful manga by far, covering less than 20 pages even if you count the copious blank space, dramatic all-black page, front and back covers, etc. However, it has a very dramatic presentation and provides some interesting worldbuilding. That being said...

It's also my least favorite.

There's a single plot-line, and I feel like it provides some very important backstory for Holiday Star. It's also quite effective in terms of emotional impact. However, it's also the most grotesque of the Hatoful manga, and not necessarily in a good way. It's definitely the darkest manga, and the most blunt. It's too short for me to provide any spoilers, and doesn't give enough character information for me to be able to fill in much of that (other than revealing that this Kazuaki plays video games). I don't think it's bad, but I also think most people would not like it.

I'll give this one 6 near-liquid rotting bird carcasses out of 10.

Kazuaki-kun's Book costs $1.00 US and can be bought on Amazon here.

*-- Japanese term, means "Not employed, in education, or in training". Read as "No-life couch potato" for best effect.

(Had to come back and do some editing due to a typo or two: Weird dictionary issues)