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Part 21: Episode 12: The First Meetings Begin! The Golden Winged Messenger's Effect

I don’t like winter mornings. But being with everybirdie is fun, so there’s nothing really wrong with school itself…
I noticed somebirdie already entering the school gates. I didn’t expect anyone else to be here this early!
Huh? Isn’t that…
The music stops.

Good morning, Anghel!
Is it you, Edel Blau?
You’re here on honors student time! Do you go to bed early?

That… means you go to bed early, right? When do you usually sleep?
Before the Blue-Tinted Moon leads its ghouls through the night--10 PM.

That’s… early! That’s really early!

I am bouond to meet the Golden-Winged Messenger on this day. He wishes to gather from me the Vorpal Souls.

Vorpal souls? That’s a new one. It would take him a while to explain if I asked, so I think I’ll leave it alone.

That’s the Golden Weekly thing, right? So you’re going to meet with Mr. Nishikikouji?

Hmm… Mr. Nishikikouji…

That mysterious golden pheasant who appeared before us on the holy battlefield on New Year’s Eve.
Is he really trustworthy? He seemed highly suspicious…

Aren’t you nervous, Anghel? Could I go with you?
Be at ease, Edel Blau. Some battles must be fought alone.

Is that so? …Well, if you say so. Let me know if I can help you.

Anghel marches triumphantly into his classroom. I bet his bag is full of manga manuscripts.
The music stops.

Now that I think about it, he is going to show his work to an editor. It would be a little odd for a classmate to tag along.
I am worried about Mr. Nishikikouji, but it looks like he is the editor of a real magazine. I can sit this one out.

I’d love to!
Cooooo! (Okosan’s stomach calls for food! Let’s go! Let’s go!)
Want to come with us, Sakuya?
Do you tell me to sit at the same table as commoners!?
Today’s when the second winter menu goes up. And the mixed bean sukiyaki udon is really good…

You can’t possibly attend St. Pigeonation’s and never have the sukiyaki udon!
Is it truly a food of such great prestige…?
Yes! And who doesn’t think noble when they hear sukiyaki? Noble means sukiyaki, and sukiyaki means noble!
Hmm… So it is a high-class dish here in Japan?

Yay! Let’s hurry, before they’re out!
…Is sukiyaki really something aristocrats used to eat?

And so we all happily walked to the cafeteria, ready to partake in a very special meal.

Here, let me give you some of the meat from mine. If you want it.
Are you sure?
If I eat all of it I’ll feel sick later…
Oh, right… In that case, you can have some of my beans! Here!

Crunsh crunsh! (It’s good!)
San, be careful! If you keep swallowing them whole like that you’ll choke!

It would be kind of odd to ask for it in summer, but… It is a little lonely only being able to eat it in January.
Maybe the fact that it’s seasonal makes us think it tastes better than it really does.
But hey! That works for me!
The music stops.

That was good!

A familiar figure appears by the tableware return area--the famous eccentric Filipino bananaboy!

Anghel! I don’t usually see you here!

His reply comes somewhat slowly.

Are you okay? You don’t seem as energetic as usual.
Oh! Don’t tell me Mr. Nishikikouji said something nasty to you!?
It’s okay! Don’t worry, Anghel! You’re still in high school! If you keep working like you have been you’ll be a pro in no time, and that’ll show him!

He walks away, grinning happily.
The music stops.

Well, I guess that means he got accepted?
I’m glad things went well with Mr. Nishikikouji, but--

He looked a little pale, didn’t he?
So you think so, too?
And I’ve never seen him acting that tired…
Me neither…

Unlike me, Ryouta is attentive and careful. If he sees it too, it can’t just be my imagination!
Maybe he’s been staying up late working on the next issue…
Hopefully he’ll make sure to stay healthy, though!

I’m late for the Sunday morning program! At least I can catch the second half of Pretty Coore…
I turned on the TV just in time for the epic battle and pivotal transformation scene! I happily recited the lines with the characters.

Pretty Coore!
Open My Hato!!

HatoCatch! Pretty Coore!
The music stops.

Fooooooo! So cute! So cuuute!
It’s always good once all three of them are in the fight! And the transformation scenes are so pretty!!!
That was fun! So much fun I almost forgot that today’s a makeup day!
I’m awake and alive now, so it’s time to go to school like a good girl.

I was making my way to my remedial course, but something stopped me in my tracks.

A rather familiar-looking bird is collapsed at the foot of the stairs.

Are you okay? Did you slip? Are you a dojikko now!?

“Dojikko” means “clumsy child” and refers to the common anime trope of people constantly tripping, usually to seem cute.

Are you all right!? Did you sprain your ankle!?
Blood… My Crimson Breast… It craves blood… Be silent…!

Is he… anemic!?

Anghel, you’re white as a sheet! Let’s go to the infirmary.

I know how much Anghel hates the infirmary, but he was in no condition to complain. Besides, I had to do something!
The music stops.

He usually starts ranting about Demon Spores or something if he gets too close to the infirmary, so maybe it’s better than he’s out for now…

…So I brought him here. Is the doctor gone?

Merry Christmas!
…The boys seem a little sluggish today.
January’s almost over, after all. I think they start winding down pretty soon after Christmas.
Merry Christmas…

Actually, are they boys? I hadn’t really wondered about their gender before. Just what are they?
Wait, that’s not important right now!

Umm… Could you take a look at Anghel, then?

Yuuya looked over him for a bit and did some small tests.

Hmm… Isn’t this just low blood pressure?
It does look that way…

Thank you for bringing him here, mon amie. I’ll be here when he wakes up.
Thank you, Yuuya!

The music stops.

I know he’s busy working on manuscripts, but I feel like it’s still strange for him to be so weak.
He was really energetic even when things were hectic before the convention. I can’t believe that he’d get so drained so quickly…
This school does encourage independence in students, and I don’t like to interfere with someone who’s working hard on something, but…

Mr. Bishikikouji?
Mr. Nishikikouji, yes.

He even remembers his name! Amazing!

I only met him the once, at the snowbound battlefield… but my tribal instincts are telling me he’s too dangerous to let out of sight.
Yes… My quail instincts are telling me the same thing.

I suggested that to Anghel, but he said it was something he had to “face alone”…
But, I can’t just leave this as it stands. I’ll go undercover and tail him!
Mm, just like in a detective movie…
Let me know if anything…

It’s been so long!
Regardless, Mr. Nanaki had a point. I needed to go in and see what was happening to Anghel.
Watch out, Mr. Nishikikouji, a super sleuth is on your gaudy feathery tail now!