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by ChorpSaway

Part 6: Episode 6: The Trap is Sprung! Crashing a Christmas Party

In the center of the grand salon…

There appears to be quite a crowd gathered outside already. Apparently there are plainclothes security officers scattered throughout the line.

There are of course a great number of security personnel within the mansion, as well.

Ah, the Gull Guard! Stern when necessary, an iron hand masked in a velvet glove! I feel safer already!

Your house really is huge, Sakuya. Isn’t it tough to clean?
I cannot comprehend your question. Why should I worry over such things when I have servants?
You didn’t even know how to use a mop until just recently, after all!
Th-that sort of foolery is for commoners! It has nothing to do with a noble such as myself!
Aww, what a waste! You have the makings of a domestic genius, Sakuya.
Yeah! You were way more help at the end of year cleanup than any of us expected!

Sakuya appears troubled, no doubt unsure if he should take that as praise or as an insult.

I think that depends on them!
Yuuya did a good job of getting the word out… I think we can safely say they know about it.
I have deployed elite bodyguards in the employ of the Le Bel family throughout the entire area. The thieves will be captured within two seconds of arrival.

As we were talking, a bird who I could only assume was a butler appeared.
The music stops.

Master Sakuya.
What is it, Albert?


Sakuya took the letter from his butler and began to read it.

Hah hah hah!
What does it say, Sakuya?
They’ve got guts. It is a letter announcing their nefarious intent!
It says they’re coming? May I see?

Sakuya hands the letter to Ryouta.
I took a look at the letter myself.
It says…

“We want the big tree. Merry Christmas.”
This… I guess it’s a letter of intent?
An awfully cute one. It might almost be a Christmas card, or a letter to Santa.
They want the tree? And expect us to hand it over? If they want it, they can come and claim it!
Merry Christmas… (They say they won’t give it to us…)
Merry Christmas… (They say if we want it, we should come and take it…)

I heard a familiar set of voices coming from Sakuya's direction. I looked up, only to find…

S-Sakuya! Behind you!

Merry Christmas!!! (It’s time for plan B!)
There! It’s them, Sakuya! The Christmas Thieves!
Wh… What…!? After them! Seize them!
Have you knotholes for eyes, you confounded gull!? How did they get in this far!?
Were they hoping to get the tree just by asking nicely…?

There was no time to think about it, though, as we all took off in pursuit of the thieves.
The music stops.

We ended up running all the way into town before losing sight of them in the crowd.

I’ve received no word from the security teams, either. It would appear they have escaped… What a dreadful waste of an opportunity!
They said something about a plan B before they left, right? I don’t think they’ve given up yet. We’d better stay on guard.
I am well aware. Let us return to the mansion.

We spent a lot of time waiting back at the mansion, but there was no sign of those creatures returning.

It’s almost midnight already. Maybe they’ve gone home for the day and are all snug and cozy under a kotatsu. Waaah! I want to be under a kotatsu!

I have prepared some ginger tea for you, miss. Please.
Oh, the butler! Thank you so much! I always thought black butlers know just what you need!

Note: It was pointed out in the thread that this line can be taken the wrong way out-of-context. "Kuroshitsuji", or "Black Butler", is an anime about a demon butler who's really good at his job.

Indeed, miss.
What word from outside? Nothing to report?

Hmph! Have those cowards given up already?
It’s way too late for us to be up and about… I wish they’d just tell us if they’re not coming.

As if on cue, a loud alarm began to sound from the other side of the mansion.

What was that noise!?

One of the Gull Guard officers came running towards us.

That could only be the Christmas Thieves! I quickly sprang to my feet.

Sakuya, Ryouta! Let’s go!

We all hurried towards the alarm. This could be our chance…!