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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 46: Episode 31: The Decorated Picture Book

Once, there was a beautiful piano.
The piano was decorated with gemstones in all the colors of the rainbow.

Oh, how it sparkled and glittered! Everyone told it it was beautiful.
What a beautiful piano!
No one had ever seen such a wonderful piano before.

The piano’s owner was very pleased, and decorated the piano even more.
Everyone, in all the land, praised the piano’s beauty.
No one, from anywhere, wanted to hear its voice.

But the gemstones were heavy, so heavy, and one day they crushed the piano flat.
Poor piano.
Poor piano.

The music stops.

I open the door to find a fantail angrily beating a book on the floor.

Salutations, Sakuya. I’m glad to see you’re still yourself.
Wha… Is there no getting rid of you? What now? The tea party’s already over.
Is it? That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to drinking some of your tea, too.

I’ll be expecting an invitation card next time, too.

Sakuya sticks his beak in the air and coos irritatedly.
The music stops.

By the way, what were you reading just now?
I haven’t the slightest!
Do you remember where you found it?

I do not mean to insult a gift of royalty, but… that thing is amazing. It is like the scribbles of a deranged child.
A picture book, eh?

So this is a little flirtation from the king--or rather, an invitation to stay here.
I suppose it’s meant to paint reality in a poor light to flatter the world of dreams.
…Alas, its message appears to have been lost on Sakuya.

Gaudiness is hardly the deciding factor in an instrument’s value. Indeed, an instrument covered in sparkly gew-gaws to impress uncultured fools is the epitome of crassness!
Decorating an instrument to the decrement of its tone is absurd! Ludicrous! If the author of this drivel was here now I would sit him down and lecture him for three days, without break.

He continues on, angrily expounding the qualities of musical timbre.
I wonder if he realizes just how much he cares about music?
As his brother, I can only hope to see the magnificent blooming of that enthusiasm one day… in the real world.

Very true. Visual flair is hardly what an instrument is there for! The piano in here should have used his voice to let everyone know that before he got crushed.
“I wasn’t created to be decorated. Let me sing.” Something like that.

I love how thick-headed you are, Sakuya. It’ll save me a lot of trouble.
Wha… What is this!? Do you mock me!?
No, quite the opposite. That was praise.
I doubt it! Your ridiculous facial expression is proof of your deceit!
Forgive me, I was born with it. What am I to do?
Now, then… I can’t spend too much time here. I doubt whoever I run into next will be as easy as you, after all.

You’re always good at keeping things moving. Thanks, Sakuya.

And so I told Sakuya everything I knew about the situation.

By the time I finished my explanation, we had been moved to a room similar to the one that Goon, Nageki and I had woken up in.

Wha… You do not jest!?
It’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, it’s true. You and I are hooked together with a whole pile of electrical wires right now.
You cad! Without my permission!?
You weren’t exactly being responsive. And it’s an emergency, anyway. Easier to ask forgiveness than approval, right?
Now, then, Sakuya. Will you spend eternity having tea here with that cheerful, artistically challenged king?

Sakuya made a loud declaration, and a large crack appeared in the wall behind him.

Just who do you think I am? I am Shirogane Sakuya Le Bel! It is completely out of the question.
I demand to see the man responsible for this idiocy, at once! I shall have recompense for his gross discourtesy towards me!

Sakuya runs off into the darkness, an aura of unusual proactivity about him.

No one gets the better of my little brother.

I grasped the door handle and turned it, facing a white light emanating from the opening.

Now, then… who’s next?