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by ChorpSaway

Part 26: Episode 17: The Messenger Defeated! Chapter 2 End

Yes… That abominable evil has been checked.
Hmmm… They probably won’t be back in business for a little while.
I wasn’t sure we could do it… I’m so glad the school’s okay!
This… was my sin. I should have realized sooner that he meant to harvest my blood for evil… Forgive me.
Don’t worry about it, Anghel! All’s well that ends well!

Try not to get tricked by any more bad grown-ups, okay?
Yes… I shall carve this lesson into my crimson chest, Sage of Nightmares.

Well, with the moral of the episode delivered, there was only one thing we had left to do.

My creation was perfect! It was the materials that failed me.
Those fangirls’ fantasies were dreadful! No one told me their energies would be so unharmonious! It wouldn’t have broken down if it weren’t for those fangirls…!
-pant-… -pant-…
Hmph. Oh well. No doubt he saw the power of my artistry. This was a declaration of war…

A phone rings.

Ah, Mr. Nishikikouji! This was very childish and irresponsible of you, understand? I want you to think about what you’ve done!
Shut up! This isn’t over yet!

When did you get him to give you his number!?

Anyway, it looks like he’ll probably retreat for now. Hopefully we won’t see him again anytime soon!

I guess this means your manga is back to square one, Anghel… But don’t worry! I know you can do it!

You always try your best, so I’m sure you’ll debut some day! And I’ll be there when you do!

Now, then--
My train of thought was cut short as my walkie-talkie went off.

Salutations, mon amie. Good work!
Yuuya! How do things look over there? I hope no one’s killed?
Don’t worry. The building is badly damaged, but we’ve already extracted everyone who was kidnapped from the Big Sight. We’ve got it from here.
Good work! Thanks, Yuuya!

He has all sorts of shady connections, so he’s really nice to have around in situations like this!

Looks like everything’s settled!

The music stops.

Oh, dear. Am I letting myself catch cold? Perhaps I should have brought an extra sweater.

And so, having saved the day from the Golden-Winged Messenger’s diabolical plans, we close the book on the second chapter. Let’s see what we’ve unlocked this time.

First, we’ve unlocked an extra picture in the Gallery.

It’s a character sheet for Nishikikouji Tohri!

Two more radio programs have also appeared.

And what’s the heart that’s appeared in the corner here? Well…

The most nervous day of the year is here again.
But, it looks like there’s someone here who doesn’t like this heart-throbbing, romantic day…?

We have another short story we can read about Legumentine’s Day!
Once again, I’m gonna need you guys to help me figure out what to do now.