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Part 18: Shrine Visit 8: Ryouta

Shrine Visit 8: Ryouta

Job meaning the usual work as a miko. It barely even needs saying by now!
I’d like to try wearing a miko outfit sometime. I feel like it would give me so much fighting spirit!
Evil, disperse! Evil, disperse!
Anyway, Ryouta invited me out for lunch after work.
When I think about it, he’s been really busy with various jobs since the end of the year. I don’t feel like I’ve had a chance to talk to him since Christmas…
He says this time of year always has the best opportunities to make money. It’s the natural hunting season! Aah, my wild spirit stirs!
…Oh dear, just look at the time. I’d better go!

Umm, Ryouta is--

Ryouta! …Wait, you’re still in your battle gear!
I guess the uniform is battle gear to a part-time worker, but I don’t think that’s how people usually refer to miko costumes…
Oh… is it that time already?
Yup! You said to come a little after three, right? And I did!
S-sorry! I didn’t notice! I’ll be done as soon as I finish cleaning around back, so would you mind waiting just a few minutes?
There’s a little lounge next to the office. They have warm tea and stuff, so why don’t you go rest there and--
No, I’ll help you! Many hands (and feathers) make light work, right?

Of course!

Opening the new year with a good deed! Karma payoff please!

Let’s head into town, then. What would you like to eat? I got my pay, so I’ll treat you.
Really? Are you sure!? New Year’s generosity!?
It’s my thanks for helping with the cleaning. And I got to work a lot this year, so I’ve got a little to spare.

We both happily sat down at my favorite noodle shop. The place was mostly empty, so we got our food quickly.

…You sure do like udon, Goon.
It’s good!
Yeah, it is. I’m really impressed that you get it even when you’re eating out at a family restaurant, though. I can feel the strength of your conviction from here.
Don’t make me sound like some weird cultist who only ever eats udon!
I have days when I don’t eat udon, too! Maybe once every six months or so!
That often!? Sorry, I figured it was more like once every three years or so! I guess you don’t eat it all at often, after all!

Stop profiling me!

How is it?
It’s really good! It’s different from when I make it at home.
I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Goon.

Mmm, that was great!
That was fast! Almost unbelievably fast!

Ryouta and I spent a while after that chatting about whatever came to mind.
School, friends, udon. Sunday morning TV, udon… Talking with Ryouta is always so relaxing.
I hope I can learn to be as iyashikei as him someday!
”Iyashikei” (lit. healing) is a term referring to anime or manga that is meant to have a soothing or calming effect on the audience.

And so concludes Ryouta’s shrine visit event.