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Part 68: Hatoful Manga - Absolute Zero - The Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angel

ChorpSaway posted:

And so, another LP closes its doors. But we're not quite done yet!

It has been wonderful, and I am incredibly thankful for the work you've put in.

And now it's time for my send-off, the final Hatoful Boyfriend manga review...

The final cover. A classy finish, I feel.

Nope. No review here.

Absolute Zero is something really unique and I don't want to spoil a single thing about it. There always has to be some mystery in this world, and I've decided that part of that is "The entirety of A0". So here's a totally bare-bones description without any spoilers, and my final thoughts:

Absolute Zero is a medium-sized manga comprised of disjointed cuts from Anghel's fantasy epic, as re-done by a vastly superior artist*. There are some parallels to actual plot events from the main game and HoliStar. It clocks in at a modest size and price, and is worth every cent.

I give it 10 Brainwashed Wallenstein troopers out of 10.

Absolute Zero is 1.99 and can be found on Amazon here.

*-- As shown in some pages Hato Moa has put out, Anghel's talent lies in enthusiasm, not artistic skill. His manga look awful, even for something presumably drawn by beak.