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Part 19: Episode 10: Rally Cry of the Crimson Angel! Preparations for Battle

Hello, and welcome back, everybirdie! Now that we’ve gotten through all of the bonus material from Chapter 1, let’s head straight into the next chapter!

What will he find there? The Laurel Crown of glory, or the Thorned Circlet of despair?
What will the Fallen Angel find through the guidance of the Golden Apostle?
The music stops.

The sound of glass breaking is heard.

???: His research holds no beauty. Mere reason is not enough! All is meaningless without the sense of an artistic soul…
???: So then… why…?
???: Why does this happen? No, if I remain here, my genius will only rot. I cannot allow such a loss to the world!
???: I am done here. I shall find a place where I am valued for what I am! I shall not return here.
???: This affront will not be forgotten. I will have my revenge… one day. Consider it punishment for your lack of imagination! Ahahahaha!
???: Remember then, my name. Unlike you, I have pride in the name I carry. You will not find me using some ridiculous alias.

This is my last day in the library for the year.
Once I’ve put away the returned books… and written down the list of additions, I should be done, but…

What is it with this library!? Why can’t a big name school at least shell out for some decent heating!?
…If you have the energy to be shouting at the bookshelves, you should try writing a petition.

Nageki startled me as he spoke up. I’ve been working here all year and he still manages to surprise me! He’s usually so quiet that I forget he’s there.

Oh, sorry! Was I bothering you?

Please forgive my dreadful sin.

Bad language is supposed to have effects on the spiritual world…
The cold doesn’t bother you, Nageki?
It doesn’t. I feel fine.
I see… Having plumage must really make a difference. Maybe they don’t bother with heating because all the birdies are fine…
I don’t think that’s the case.
So birds are cold in here too, then?

The music stops.

I follow Nageki’s gaze, and--

Anghel! Are you alive!? Speak to me, Anghel!

I ran over to Anghel to make sure he was okay. He seemed to be breathing, but he felt deathly cold.

Ah… aah… Is that you… Edel Blau…?
Where is this…? Have I fallen once more… into the Eternal Prison of Ice…?
No! Look around yourself! It’s just an unreasonably cold library!

I don’t care about that! Why are you on the verge of death in here!?
The Day of Judgment draws near. I speak… of Ragnarok, Edel Blau…

He’s incomprehensible, as always. The desk he was sitting at is covered in sheets of paper…

Are you drawing manga?

It is a lonely… lonely battle.

Let’s see… He’s in the manga club, so maybe he’s working on a club zine?
Even though the festival was ages ago… How admirable!

You can do it, Anghel! I’m sure you’ll make it on time. But, it’s so cold in here… Don’t you think you should go home and work on it there?
Do you worry… for my flesh…?
…Very well. Perhaps now is a time for repose, as you say.

He happily gathers up his papers and exits the library.
The music stops.

He comes in here quite often. Though he would be better off working elsewhere, if the cold bothers him so.
He must have some reason… Maybe the atmosphere in here gets him into the perfect mindset for the story he’s telling.

But bleeding-heart doves are from the Philippines, so they don’t fare well in the cold. He shouldn’t push himself so hard!
Well, the rest of my shift was uneventful, so I headed home at the end of the day.

I should have bought that blanket robe I’ve had my eye on when I was in town today! The price will make my purse weep, but this cold makes me weep more.
Between home and school I’ve been freezing all day!
As I was lamenting my current condition, a familiar sound came from my pocket.

Huh? Someone texted me.
Umm… It’s Ryouta.
“Meet me in town”… I wonder what’s going on?
Doesn’t matter. My body is rapidly approaching its crystallization point, so I’ll head into town and avail myself of this wearable blanket on my way to meet Ryouta.

I walked into the noodle shop where we always meet, now wearing my brand new blanket. Finally, some warmth!

Oh, no, I just got here.

Ryouta looked me up and down, tilting his head.

Um, Goon… I know it’s cold, but are you sure you want to be walking around in public looking like that…?
Huh? But it’s a wearable blanket. Wouldn’t it be more strange to not wear it?
Well… I guess that’s true. If you’re okay with it…
Anyway, you wanted to talk to me?

You hardly ever ask for my help. I’ll do whatever it is with flash, and pizzazz! So… what is it?
Do you have plans for the end of the year?
Not really. I’ve finished cleaning and everything.
Even New Year’s Eve?
I was planning to laze around all day, like always.

A volunteer salesgirl? Is it at the flea market, or something?
That’s… not far off…
Do you know about Comiket?

So… Sort of like the manga club’s booth at the festival?
Yeah, something like that. Just… on a much larger scale.
I was wondering if you could run a booth for me. Would you like to?
Sure! It sounds like fun. Did you draw something, Ryouta?
No, no! I’m just another salesgirl.

What does that mean?

So one of your friends asked you to find someone?


Oh… So that manga he was pouring his lifeblood into in the library is for this Comiket thing.
But why are you asking me? He never mentioned it to me…
I’ve been a salesgirl for one group for the past three years, and somehow Anghel found out.

That means… “I’ll be lonely on my own, so come with me”?
I think so, yeah. But I’m already helping someone. I can’t be in two places at once…
So you’re asking me!
Yup! What do you say? Want to?
Of course! It could be a good learning experience.
A learning experience…? Well, you’ll certainly see some things you wouldn’t anywhere else.
It is Ragnarok, after all!

I’ll need a weapon, right!? Just tell me what to bring! Will I want something with range, or will I be up close!?
D-don’t take it that literally! I just meant there can be a lot of really impatient birds with no social skills!
It can be confusing at first, so you should probably do some research ahead of time. If you search around you’ll find plenty of guides for first-timers.

Okay! I’ll study hard!

A salesgirl at Comiket… I have no idea what this will entail.
But from what Ryouta said, it may well be as Hell on this earth. Wahahaha! My blood thirsts for combat!
Time to go home and Google around for Comiket tutorials.
The music stops.