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by ChorpSaway

Part 53: Episode 38: A Full Party

I am quite curious about this. How does he produce such a convincing illusion in multiple brains, all at once?
How has he gathered these experiences and memories together, and how does he project them into the minds of his visitors? I certainly hope there is a better answer than “magic”.
Hey there! You all by yourself?

Aah, I see. So this place… that is to say, it seems that individual memories may resurface and manifest by themselves.
? I’m over here, kiddo. Or were you talking to the floor?
Oh, no… Please, pay it no mind. More importantly, why did you come here?
I saw a faint light while I was wandering around the halls. And it led me here!

I do not have… any name to give you.
Aww, what’s with the scary face? Did I say something wrong?
Yes… Yes, you did.
You are a migrant. Why do you need to know my name, when you will soon be wandering off again?

Don’t mind me, then. Go make some.
Awww, come on… I mean… But… I’ve got something to talk to you about.
I’m sorry, did I look like I would make good conversation? What a terrible pity.

What did you say? Don’t talk as if you know me, old man. You no longer know anything, do you?
Aah… I knew it! I wasn’t sure, but I thought I remembered this scent--
Hey, listen. You were my friend. Right?
You must be joking! No, no, nothing of the sort.
…Funny, isn’t it? I made all sorts of excuses, but I suppose I waited here hoping someone would get confused and end up here.
Hohoho… Let us consider each other to be complete strangers. How does that sound?

In any case, we’re friends now! Yes, that sounds very nice.
This is unfair, and I object.
Now, I know this is awfully sudden, but--
Leaving already? And what were you just complaining about me for?
Sorry, sorry. That’s not what I meant.
Don’t you want to get out of here? I’d like to go back to my travels, but The King here will throw a tantrum if anyone tries to leave.

…Hahahahaha! I don’t even have enough breath left to sigh. You’re asking me to help you leave?
Won’t you?
Yes… I suppose I am tired of wasting time obsessing over the past.

The music stops.


I thought with all that excitement earlier we’d taken the advantage, but now it doesn’t look that way at all!

It would be nice if we could open up even just enough of a gap for me to make it through to the tower on my own…
I don’t think that will be easy. He has way too many heads!

If only the fluffetic was here! He can out-cheat anyone, no matter how many heads they have!
And I bet he’d love to get his lancet into a creature as creepy as this!

Aargh, he’s completely taken the upper hand--head, that is!
Help! Help us, Dr. Iwamineeeeeeeeeeee!

The music stops.

A familiar deep voice rang through the hall, followed by a small explosion.

Aah, aaaaaaaah!

The doctor, appearing out of nowhere, throws something chemical-looking at The King. It smells extremely unhealthy.

I knew you’d come through, Doctor! And with heroic timing, too!
…Looks like you stole my thunder again.
Don’t act as if you could compare to Dr. Iwamine, mongrel. Doctor! We’ve awaited your arrival.
I… I think I’m going to sneeze… What was that, sir?

So… anesthetics?
It confuses the target’s gait and paralyzes the central nervous system for a few minutes.

Heretical indeed.

I’m going on ahead.
Waa, waaaaaaa, waaaaaahh…!

Despite the doctor’s chemical attack, it seemed The King was still capable of flailing about.

You weren’t heretical enough, Doctor!
It was developed with earthly creatures in mind. It seems it is not so effective here.
Coooooo! (Okosan will use WING ATTACK! Leave this to us!)
San’s right. We’ll keep him occupied, so Goon and Nageki can head past the throne!

…Right. Thank you, everyone.
All right, let’s go! Come on, Nageki!

I took Nageki’s wing in my hand and we ran across the hall to the back exit.

We have to bring down the tower, no matter what!