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by ChorpSaway

Part 20: Episode 11: Ragnarok Approaches! Battle at the Tokyo Big Sight

I am up at dawn, so that I may meet the lonely… I mean, the brave Anghel who throws himself into the fray of the Holy War!
I tried to find Anghel on the outside, but--

Waaah! What a crowd!

Is everybirdie here going to Comiket!?
Correct, Edel Blau!
Oh, Anghel!

So that’s the Big Sight? It’s an even more bizarre building than my investigations had led me to believe!

Let’s go inside, Anghel! It’s cold out here.
Be not in haste, Edel Blau! The time is not yet come. Wait for the Nightmare Sage, who shall guide us!
Who where???

Does he have a second helper?
I didn’t have to wait long for my answer, as a familiar bird approached us from behind.

Good morning… Chilly out, isn’t it?
Mr. Nanaki!?
We have awaited you, Sage of Nightmares!
Wh-why are you here, sir…?

So you’re standing in? I suppose he’s busy with winter cleaning and everything…
No, no. The advisor is here, too.
??? He’s here, but he wants you to be Anghel’s chaperone?
Yes, that’s right. Apparently, he’s busy… He said he’s helping at a company booth.

A company booth!? I feel like the internet said those can end up swamped from the start of the convention until closing time!

How mature of you!

It looks like I’ll be selling Anghel’s manga with Mr. Nanaki all day. Better do my best!
And so together we charged into the Holy Battlefield, prepared for a fierce battle!

I’m a little worried that somebirdie’s tender foot or wing bone might get broken with this many birds crowded together…
I turned to Anghel to ask about something I’d been wondering about since yesterday.

What kind of manga did you draw, Anghel?

Oooh! Sounds… pretty Goth!!!
Interestingly enough, this particular manga appears in full in the Hatoful Boyfriend guidebook. Here's the complete cover.

Mm, mm… Yes? That’s nice. Very like you.
I studied a lot to prepare for today! I’ll show these idolaters my super salesgirl moves!
Let us ride to battle side by side, Edel Blau, as dictated by the Contract of old!

I took my seat next to Anghel and Mr. Nanaki and prepared myself for the coming crowd.

The music stops.

Many birds passed by us, some taking a quick glance at the book, but none stopped at our table.

What should I do? Time is passing worryingly by. The epic poem of the Dark Angel is stacked on the table exactly as we placed it when we set up.

Umm, Anghel… should I maybe use my voice a little? Like they do in markets.


Mr. Nanaki turned to talk to us.

It’s rather chilly in here. Why don’t I get us something warm?
Oh! Yes, please!

Mr. Nanaki left me and Anghel at the table waiting for birds to stop by.

What kind of expression should I have right now…?
A sea of birds floats by on clicking feet. The far wall is lined with enormous queues. Those must be for the “big circles”.
Some of them have even started packing up. Have they sold out already? Just how many books were in those stacked up boxes?
It’s like looking into another world.


When I heard that Ryouta was going to be a “salesgirl”, I certainly didn’t expect something like this!

P-Pretty Coore!?
You know Pretty Coore, too?
Yes, I do! HatoCatch Pretty Coore! It’s the one that’s on Sunday mornings, right? Aaah, you’re so cute!
Hey, can you do that… thing? The signature line!
Uuhhh… It’s embarrassing…
Just once! I just want to see it once!
Umm… okay.

Yes! Yes! That’s so cute! Just like in the anime!

Do salesgirls cosplay?
Sometimes. Not everybirdie does, but they always tell me to make sure I come in costume.
The circle I’m with just sold out. We’re cleaning up now, so I’d better go back and help. Good luck, Goon!

Coore Grey… err, Ryouta strides gallantly off with some sales slips and duck tape.
The music stops.

Aah, the aura of an old veteran hangs about his shoulders. I’ve never seen Ryouta looking so competent!

Birds continued to pass by our booth.

It’s almost closing time…


Anghel remains silent, looking mildly tortured.

I didn’t realize salesgirls were supposed to cosplay, Anghel… Next time I’ll pour my tribal blood into a costume!

Don’t say that! You did your best, Anghel!
An unerasable sin. I am carved with my black past. That is my punishment. The inescapable cross that I must--
Excuse me… Which of you is representing the circle?

The music stops.

Waaah, colorful!
He’s a golden pheasant. A phasianid like the doctor and myself, you know.

I’d have never thought something with such extreme plumage was related to them!

I am sovereign of this domain. And you are…?
Ah, it’s you? I thought as much! Your bearing, your countenance--so artistic! I can feel your aura… So unlike any other here.

He certainly is unlike any other, yes.

Forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself.

The extravagant bird passed us his business card.

Mister… Bishikikouji Toshiki?
Nishikikouji Tohri.
Not, I might add, a pen name. It has been mine since hatching. I am rather proud of it. It is a good name, yes?
…And the next time you get it wrong, I will make you wish you had never crawled your miserable way into this world.

Anghel’s eyes seemed to light up as he read over the card.

Golden Weekly… That’s the new splash-hit magazine!
So you know of it! I am flattered. I am the editor-in-chief, and I am here looking for new talent.
I noticed you from far away. Aah, your unparalleled artistry! Your vast imagination! Yes… These are the attributes of one who will change the world!
Golden-Winged Messenger… Could you be the one written of in the Crimson Tome of Augury!?

A great power, locked within…
Yes! Exactly! I am here to tell you that I can help you awaken your powers.
My firm’s location is shown on the back of this card. Please, come talk to me in the new year, Anghel… sir.
I thank you, Golden-Winged Messenger. Let us enter a Pact of Blood.

Wow, Anghel looks so happy! He’s grinning.
I guess he has a pretty worldly side to him, too.

I shall take my leave now. I pray your new year will be abundant with artistry.

The golden pheasant walks smartly off through the crowd. What impressive coloration!
The music stops.

Mr. Bishikikouji was a… very strange fellow, wasn’t he?
“Nishikikouji”, Lourde. It’s a confusing name…

You’re so sharp you’ll cut yourself one of these days, Mr. Nanaki!

Mmm… Then again…

Mr. Nanaki looks Anghel up and down, and then tilts his head, staring off after the golden pheasant.

He looks like he wants to say something, but falls silent.