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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 9: Episode 9: Shuu's New Assistants! Chapter 1 End

Christmas only comes once a year. I want to spend it having fun with everybirdie!
Winter break starts tomorrow, too… I’m excited just thinking about it!
…What happened to Miru and Kaku, anyway? Did the doctor take them to his house?
That seems pretty cute! Dr. Iwamine living with the seasonal mascot characters… No, it’s too surreal. I can’t imagine it.
I do wonder, though. I think I’ll ask the doctor before break starts!
The music stops.

And so, after school, I decided to head straight to the infirmary and check on the doctor.

I was struck speechless by what I saw in the infirmary.

The infirmary is transformed!

S-sir, what happened!? Are you actually even more enthusiastic about Christmas than Sakuya!?

He says that, but his Santa hat says otherwise.
The doctor is transformed, too! Maybe it’s protective camouflage?

Sir, what happened to you!? Don’t tell me you finally got that lobotomy!?
…They always give me another as soon as I’ve taken it off.
It’s easier to work if I leave it on.
They? So Miru and Kaku are--

Merry Christmas!

They’re here!

You’re keeping them in here, sir?
Yes. They would only get in the way at my house… Not that they don’t get in the way here.

Grumpy, as usual!
He seems to be putting up with them so far, but he hardly looks happy about it… I wouldn’t count on their hands staying attached for much longer.

You don’t think you’re pushing yourself too hard, sir?
What do you mean?
Maybe I’m imagining it, but… You don’t quite look like you mean it, sir.

It is tiring to have them in here all the time. Perhaps I should make a hutch for them outside.

It doesn’t look like he’s using them for research. What is he thinking?
He’s treating them awfully nicely, though. I’ve never seen him act this nice. Maybe he likes cute animals?

I’m going home now, doctor. Thank you for everything this year! Merry Christmas, and happy New Year!

…Thank you.

The music stops.

And so, with The Great Christmas Thief Caper behind us, we reach the end of the first chapter! Let’s see what kinds of things we’ve unlocked because of it.

First, we’ll see what’s in the “Radio” section.

We’ve unlocked a question-and-answer radio program that we can listen to, hosted by Ryouta!

Also, if we go into the “Story” section, we can see what the next chapter is going to be, and it seems like a small Shinto structure has appeared near the bottom corner. Clicking it leads us to…

A new year comes to Littledove Hachiman City.
Everybirdie heads for the shrine, some for their New Year’s visits, others with very different goals in mind.
This episode allows you to pick from eight routes.

…A screen where we can go on a New Year’s date with any of our lovely husbandoves!
Ah, choices, choices, so many choices. Too many choices for me to decide on my own. Won’t you help me figure out what to do next?