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Part 13: Shrine Visit 3: Yuuya

Shrine Visit 3: Yuuya

He hasn’t come to school much since some time last semester. He seems really busy, but what has he been doing? Maybe he’s been job-hunting?
Anyway, he said he didn’t have any time over the holidays, so he asked me to wait.
And then he texted me out of the blue last night to say he was free today, so--

Oh, Yuuya! Happy holiday salutations! ~☆
Sorry to keep you waiting, Goon.
I always try my utmost to never keep a lady waiting, but alas I wasn’t able to get away until just now.
You’re still really busy, aren’t you? I shouldn’t have pushed you so hard to take me…
Non non, don’t make that unhappy face! It doesn’t suit you at all, mon amie.
I cannot express with mere words how much I have looked forward to seeing you again, Goon. Time spent with you always flies by at the speed of light, so let’s go.

Yuuya takes my hand and leads me off to the shrine.
He seems like he’s in even more of a hurry than usual. He must be really busy…

It’s true. The shrine was crowded during the first three days of the new year, but now it’s practically empty.

I don’t mind a lively crowd, but I’m glad there’s no one to disturb us here now.
I’m not falling for that, Yuuya! How many other girls have you used that line on by now?
Ahaha, you’re as cruel as ever, mon amie.

He whispers to me, an unusually serious expression on his face.
Stop it! You’re gonna make me melt! I already know you’re not completely made of cheap pickup lines and flashy foolishness!

I haven’t met privately with anyone at all recently, in fact.
Third-years like you really are unimaginably busy, aren’t they…
Don’t worry, mon amie, you won’t end up like me. I’m just having to work extra hard now because I’ve been an unusually total failure.
So you’re studying like crazy for exams now?
No, not quite. Let me give you a hint, mon amie.
Lots of important corporations have parties during the holidays. Many well-known people go to those parties. Each one is a potential jackpot for the villains who skulk around behind the curtains of society.

So… so what!?

--I had a dream like that, anyway.
It was a dream!?
Hahaha, sorry. Just kidding, just kidding. Like you said, I’m just having to make up for all the slacking off I did earlier as exams draw near.
Geez, don’t tease me like that! I hadn’t realized you were planning to go on to university, though. Where are you thinking of going?
That’s… a secret, I guess. I’ll be leaving the school, and it’s probably best if you don’t know where I go after that.
D-don’t tell me you’re going somewhere so seedy and low-end you don’t even want to say…!?

He did it again. Sometimes he says stuff in that self-deriding, or maybe even despairing way.
He’s usually so cheerful, so whenever he does it I don’t know how to respond!

I think you’re a better person than you think you are, Yuuya!
Sakuya and the doctor are always chewing you out, but you shouldn’t let that get you down! Just do your thing and be yourself!
Aah, that makes me happy. Hearing you say that puts some pride back into my little dove heart, mon amie.

And so concludes Yuuya’s shrine visit event.