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Part 40: Midnight Attack of the Nightmare

Midnight Attack of the Nightmare

New life shall bud and grow. Those of pure heart may fall victim to the Servants of Darkness. I must take this opportunity to investigate the Dark Sorcerer Wallenstein’s actions--
Oh, hello, Higure. Are you here to turn in your supplementary assignment?

The music stops.

No… no…! It is… not yet the time. My crimson breast tells me so…!

Agh… A painful test… Is there no way out…?
Don’t worry. If there’s anything you’re really having trouble with, you can ask when you hand it in.
Oh, will you be coming to the observation tonight?
What… Will there be a Gathering of the Brilliant Light?

It’ll be late, so make sure to dress warmly if you do come, okay?

We must not repeat this tragedy. The Dark Tree, Rufa, can wait! I must prepare for the Gathering of the Brilliant Light!

On nights when the moon is swallowed by darkness the barrier between the world of the surface and that which is hidden behind it, Se Telna, grows thin. A terrible threat shall descend when the Eye of Heaven closes!
If it is as the Forbidden Epic relates, the name of that threat alone can control the great vastnesses of darkne--
His Mom: Yoshiooo! Aren’t you going to school to see the moon tonight? Are you going to eat before you gooo?

The music stops.

His Mom: Come down in thirty minutes then, okaaay? When are you leaving the house?
At eleven! If I fall asleep then wake meeee!
His Mom: Okaaay!
Thank you, mooom!

Time passes.

My crimson insides are replete with the Silver Beings… To think that the Night-Time Demon known as Fatigue would be so hard to conquer…!

No… no, not yet…! Persevere, o weak and unreliably eyelids!

Time passes.


Time passes.
The music stops.

His Mom: Yoshio! Yoshio, wake up!
Zzz… zzz…
His Mom: Oh, Yoshio. If you’re going to sleep at least get into your bed! There we go.