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Part 31: Episode 18: Nageki's Confession, and the Astronomy Club Event

Hello, and welcome back, everybirdie! With all that bonus material out of the way, it’s time to begin Chapter 3!

We must not miss the train.
We cross the glowing river.
We follow the obsidian map into the world of shadows.
The music stops.

It’s almost the end of the year. And Nageki just came out to me.

What do you--

I only ever see him in the library, but I just thought he was a shut-in! I never expected this.
I’ve seen a thousand wonders in my time, but even I’m a little surprised… Of course, he’s still Nageki. It’s not like we can’t be together anymore!
No matter who or what he is, he’s still my friend. This won’t change anything.

What are you talking about? I can be friends with a ghost if I want!

After I said that, Nageki just turned away from me to continue reading, ending our conversation. I think he was happy to hear that, though.
Eventually, the bell rang, and I left for class.

Half-days always remind you that it’s the end of the semester, huh?
Indeed. There is perhaps a week left?
Aww, that’s so lonely… I want to stay in class 2-3 a little longer.
Coooo! (Okosan feels lonely, too! Okosan does not want to be thrown out of this classroom!)
Hmph! Why not repeat a year, if you want to stay that much?

Repeating a year in high school would be a little much…

You don’t mind, Sakuya? You don’t feel sad that we might all split up at the end of the year?

I guess I’m one of the weak, then.
I hope we’ll all be in the same class again next year! With Mr. Nanaki!
Hmm, hmm. Well… I hope I see you all in the spring, too.

The year is almost over. Meaning I’m almost through at the library, too… I should be heading over there about now.

As I turned to leave for library duty though, Mr. Nanaki stopped me.

Huh? We’re not done?
Sorry… I forgot to tell you all something.
Umm… They’ll be opening the school the night after tomorrow!
Opening the school? At night?
Is it some sort of school-wide bravery challenge…?
A grand tournament of guts to close the year! Perfect to make the blood boil and the flesh crawl! Think of the memories we’ll make!
I-I don’t want to make those memories!

The astronomy club?

The astronomy club used to do a lot of serious observation, but after a while their activities devolved into bonfire mixer parties.
After a long and circuitous tale they turned into a cult and worshipped the bonfire as a god, and the student council had to enact punitary measures.
If you want to hear more about their story, go buy that thing and listen to it! You know the thing? The one that isn’t out in English.

Will people even know what to buy from that description, Goon?

It didn’t sound very stealthy to me.

A true samurai is never stealthy!
I realized we got off-track there, so I turned back to Mr. Nanaki.

So the astronomy club has started having activities again?
That’s right. Though, the bonfires are still banned.

You don’t need to be a member of the astronomy club to come. Everyone’s welcome.

A total lunar eclipse? That sounds exciting! Who knows when another one will happen? I think I’ll go!
Maybe I should tell Nageki about it too; I bet he’d enjoy something simple like this.

It’s a total lunar eclipse, Miss Lourde. Not a “radical” lunar eclipse.

Nageki’s stare is like the frigid wind of a Siberian winter night.

Have you ever seen one, Nageki?
Perhaps. I may have, or I may not have. I do not remember.

I suppose he did only just realize that he’s dead a few days ago. His memory must still be foggy.

They’re opening the school at night the day after tomorrow so we can see it! Want to watch it with me, Nageki? We could have a moon-viewing party in the library!
The moon’s going to be eclipsed. I’m not sure how much of a moon-viewing party that would be.

Oh… yes… It is going to be open, after all. But can you get out of here?
If it’s to the roof, then yes.

The music stops.

What, really!? Aren’t you trapped in here!?

To the chemistry lab directly underneath us, for example.

Mobility: vertical only!

That’s amazing! I’ll have to train my legs so that one day I can move like that, too!

Nageki stared at me, head tilted in confusion. It was just a joke…

Umm… So, you’ll be able to join us on the roof?
Yay! That’s amazing, Nageki!
Really? I’m not sure I see what good it does us.
Just think about it! We can go sunbathing on the roof during lunch breaks, and stuff! Aah, I’m getting excited already…
I suppose so. But you’re always taking naps on the library windowsill anyway, so I don’t think it will be all that different.

Geez, Nageki! Isn’t a change of scene supposed to be romantic!?

Anyway, let’s watch the eclipse together! If you want to?

Yay! Yaaaaaay!
…You’re awfully enthusiastic.

Of course I am! Aaah, I can’t wait! I can’t wait!