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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 51: Episode 36: Picture Book

A ticking sound is heard.

The ticking fades out.

…The others weren’t exactly masterpieces, but I think this one goes in a class of its own.

I closed the book, taking time now to survey the room around me. It was certainly different from the others I had been in.
I didn’t see the bird I had come here for, so I called out to him.

Prof. Nanaki--I mean, Hitori. I’m here to take you home. You’ll get moldy if you sit around dozing in here.
Oh, hello.

Looks like he’s still alive.

You woke up all of a sudden?
Yes, that’s right. I woke up…

So he really doesn’t have eyes? I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with his actual body.

But now I’m starting to get sleepy again.
Please, stay awake. I need your help to break this egg, Hitori.
I’m very, very sleepy… And The King did tell me I could nap for as long as I liked in here…
There’s nothing wrong with naps, but if you sleep right now you’ll never wake up.

Don’t sleep! Come on, let’s get out of here!

The drugs must be wearing off. This guy is quite something. Not everybirdie can doze off in their sleep.

I think I would rather stay here and sleep. So, please…

He steps unsteadily forward, his wings stretched out in front. Is he looking for me?
I decided to help him out and direct him towards me.

I’m right here. There you go.

He smiles happily, feels for my neck, and--
Closes his wings around it.
The music stops.

Hey, wait just a minute! Are you planning to strangle me!?

What do you mean “oopsie”!?

I jump back reflexively.
I’ve nearly been crushed while trying to rescue drowning swimmers, but I’ve never had a hostage try to strangle me before.

I thought you were pretty calm… Sorry, did I scare you? I’m here to help.
Come on, take a deep breath. After me!
…Hmm… So, it’s not you…

But, it wasn’t you. Sorry…

Did he mistake me for someone else? He looks gentle enough on the outside, but I think he’s pretty messed up inside.

Did the king do something to you?
No… all the king did was close the door.
Apparently I shouldn’t go outside… Birds who might hurt people have to stay inside.
That’s pretty stupid. Nobirdie can live without hurting anyone else. Are you going to follow his orders just because he’s the king, Hitori?
The King is the most important person here, so apparently I have to…
Think for yourself for a minute. Do you want to be dragged along with whatever he wants?

I wouldn’t have expected it from the professor I know, but maybe he did something long ago that the king was able to drag up… just like with me.

I don’t know what you did, but it won’t go away if you stand here moping.
Yes, yes. I know that…
Professor… I mean, Hitori. There are still a few things you have left to do in the real world, right?
Mmm… Yes, there are. I think so.
In that case, let’s get out of here. Okay?
A few things left to do…

The music stops.

A familiar crack echoed through the room, and a door appeared for us.

Let’s get out of this dark hole, then. Can’t keep a lady waiting, after all.
Mmm… But, that would be hard…
I ate my eyes, so I can’t go anyway… I can’t see anything.
Don’t worry. I’ll guide you.

We both left the room through the door, and we began our long walk back to the throne room.

And I don’t want to leave Goon and Nageki in danger for long. Better hurry to the throne room.