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Part 63: The Day the Night Slept (After After)

The Day the Night Slept (After After)

This scene takes place on the train ride home for the St. Pigeonation’s birds and Goon.

Uuuummm… uuuurrgh…
What’s wrong, Goon? Do you have a stomachache?
The silver field was a little cold.
No, that’s not it. It’s not that my stomach is cold, I’m just… feeling kind of fuzzy…
Cooooo!? (Goon is feeling fuzzy? Goon’s stomach is feeling fuzzy!?)
No, my head is.

Something’s bothering me. It’s--
Just then, the conductor walked by.

Umm, excuse me.

Umm… I really feel like I’ve seen you before. Have we met somewhere…?
What? Miss, are you hitting on me?

It depends on me…?
The music stops.

Could you step out of that shadow for a moment?

Slowly, he moved towards one of the ceiling lights, and I gasped.

He’s a friend of yours?

Yeah! He and I go all the way back to the demo version!

I’ll be counting on you next time something happens!

What!? But that’s why we’re friends!
She’s friends… with Death…!?

This scene takes place well after the events of Holiday Star proper.

The new season is almost here. I’d better start checking for any Hawk Party spies in the new students.
Salutations, Mr. One.
Sakazaki Yuuya. What is it? I don’t recall sending for you.
Well, that’s a little cold. Can’t I drop by just to see your beautiful face?
You are no longer a student at this school. You should avoid any unnatural conduct.

Anyway, I came to deliver a letter.
A letter… New orders?
No, it’s from Nishikikouji Tohri.

The music stops.

A letter of intent?
It doesn’t look like it. He addressed this little package to you.
Hmm. Let’s have a look.

He’s on the surveillance list, after all. I gave him a ride home.
The package… doesn’t seem to have any explosives.
Madeleines, cheesecake, and financiers… Pretty standard stuff for a pastry assortment.

This scene takes place a little while after Holiday Star.

Merry Christmas! (Christmas will soon be here!)
…The spring semester has barely started.
Merry Christmas! (Christmas will soon be here! In about eight months!)
You two do not seem to be short on energy. Perhaps I shall reduce your portions at meals, starting today.

Merry Christmas! (Shuu just doesn’t understand food! Your luxurious partridge plumage is going to get all raggedy and thin!)
Merry Christmas… (Miru and Kaku always use up a lot of energy planning for Christmas…)

Please don’t carry my things off without asking.
Merry Christmas? (This is something of Shuu’s? Something important?)

The music stops.

Something important…
No. Not particularly.

Merry Christmas? (Huh?)
Merry Christmas…? (Someone scratched stuff into this fossil…? It’s no good now…)
It’s scratched? Let me see it for a moment.
Merry Christmas! (There’s a name carved on the back!)

I know. Eat if you want to.

This scene takes place on the galaxy express as it takes the Migrant and The King away into the stars.

Aaah, stardust sugarcubes are so sweet!
You have some too, your majesty. Sweet foods warm the soul and make your troubles fly away!
Wuueehh… -nibble-
-hic-… -nibble-

Scared? Of what?
We don’t know what we’ll find at the next star…
That’s been true ever since we were on the Earth. No one knows what the future will bring!
We don’t know if it will be fun…
Your highness, your highness! Let’s have a pillow fight and talk about our crushes at the next star!
You can’t just wait around forever. Fun is something you have to go out and find for yourself!