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Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

by ChorpSaway

Part 34: Episode 21: First Impressions of the Holiday Star

Wooow! It’s wonderful! It’s like we’re in a fairy tale!

What a pretty town, Nageki! I’m getting excited already!
Indeed. It’s almost like we’re dreaming.

We are!

We can look around a little, right? Let’s see what there is to see and then get back on the train. It’s not like we’re headed anywhere in particular, after all!


I turn around, and the station is indeed gone. The aged platform has disappeared, leaving only the palely glowing tracks running off into the distance.

Hmm… Maybe this is like that thing in adventure games where we can’t leave until we’ve completed some more events?
Who knows? We can’t leave this star for now, anyway.

In that case, we’ll just have to see its sights until it’s sorry!

Where do you want to go, Nageki? We don’t have a map, so should we just wander around?
I don’t think the planisphere will help us find our way around this star…

So I get to be his escort? Leave it to me!

Umm, my hunter-gatherer instincts are telling me--
Excuse me…

We are addressed by a somewhat vague-looking dove. He must be a local?

This is the Holiday Star?
That’s right. The Holiday Star.
A happy name.
Very happy, indeed. We celebrate our holiday, which never ends. This is a happy star.

We’re meeting the king already!? What a forward king he must be!
Is that palace in the distance where he lives?
Yes, it is. If you head straight for the light atop its tower you will be there before you know it.

The citizen then left us, off to do whatever he was doing before he stopped for us. He seemed really friendly!
Getting invited to see the king as soon as we arrive is definitely VIP treatment! Let’s go!
The music stops.

We eventually reached the palace, and it was truly a sight to behold.

The palace was impressive from the outside, but it’s even more kingly on the inside.
The citizen we talked to earlier said the king would be in here, but--
Suddenly, a loud fanfare blared through the halls, and a loud voice boomed over it.

His Royal Highness, the King!

Did he just announce himself? Maybe that’s how they do things around here.
The crowned bird sets himself down on his magnificent throne.
He doesn’t quite seem dignified, or maybe he seems a little humble, or--at any rate, he’s a very forward king.

You are the king?
Yes. The King is the king of this star.

He’s very assertive, in an extremely plain way.

The King asked, are you from the outside? You have a very nice planisphere.
Yes, we’re from Littledove Hachiman City--from St. Pigeonation’s.

That’s so rude! How can you ask for someone’s things as soon as you meet them? Are you a selfish character, Mr. King?
That was too harsh, Miss Lourde. You’ve made The King sad.

He’s kind of a wimpy king.

You can’t have this, though. I was told not to give it to anyone. I’m sorry.
The King does not mind. The King is not crying.

The King and his people are troubled. Troubled by the new restaurant at the edge of the Crystal Forest.
I would think that restaurants opening at a tourist draw would be perfectly normal…
Birds who go into the new restaurant don’t come out. They go in, but never come out.
Once they go in, they don’t come back out. Those who come out can’t go in. Do you understand?
So people are disappearing inside the restaurant?

Well, this got creepy awfully quickly.

I guess wandering travelers will always get asked to run errands if they talk to the king, no matter where and when they are!

What do you think, Nageki? Should we accept?
We don’t have other plans. This could kill some time.

An investigation which smacks of intrigue and danger “could kill some time”? You’re awfully bold, Nageki! I like the cut of your jib.

Understood, Mr. King! Leave it to us!

And so we left on our royal mission! Who knows what awaits us at the mysterious forest restaurant?