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Part 39: Radio 4: Spoilers Ahead!

Part 4: Spoilers Ahead!

This is Kawara Ryouta, from class 2-3!
Last time was a little exciting, wasn’t it? I’m glad we didn’t get dropped.
This time we’re doing a special feature on BBL!
BBL, or Bad Boys’ Love, is an extra long truth scenario which was included with the full version of the original game.
Today we’ll be answering questions about BBL. So be warned--there will be spoilers!
I don’t recommend continuing with this if you haven’t finished BBL yet.

It's nice that they give this option, in case you played the original game and didn't see BBL. However, we as a group will march forward!

All right, let’s get started.
This will be a little complicated, but I think I should explain where we are before jumping into the questions.

So, natural, up until now the questions have been answered by the peaceful, undisturbed, otome route versions of each character.
But because we’re doing BBL this time, we’ll be calling on the versions of each character who lived, or didn’t live, through BBL.
Just don’t think about it too hard and you’ll be fine!
In the end, it’s just because unlike books or movies, visual novels have all kinds of branches and possibilities… Even if it’s a little odd for me to be saying that.
Sorry, that was a little long. Questions, questions!

Hiyoko… isn’t here, so I’ll be answering for her again.
Her parents did die a long time ago… but she was never taken in by an orphanage.
She did live with my mother and me for a while, but she decided she’d rather live on her own.
Living by one’s own strength is a hunter-gatherer’s pride, after all. I could never be like her. She’s always so tough and cool, you know?
On to the next question. This one is from Damurushi! For the doctor.

…That’s what it says, Doctor.

The music stops.
The sound of paper tearing is heard.

Wait, wait! No! Doctor, stop! You can’t just tear up the letters!

A loud shredding noise is heard.

You can’t put them through the shredder, either! Aawww, it’s completely destroyed…

Aaahh, that’s not an answer, Doctor…
Sorry, Damurushi. I guess the subject of my father is a bit of a sensitive area with him…
Dad never did come home much, though. I don’t remember what kind of person he was either.
I wonder what kind of boss he was for the Doctor…
…Hey, Doctor, wait!

The next question is for you, too. It’s just this one more! Could you please stay?
…The contents may warrant repayment that the emergency room won’t be able to fix, but very well.
Are you planning to break into the third dimension to claim vengeance, Doctor!? Then again… you probably could…
Anyway, I’ll read it, and if you don’t want to say anything you don’t have to. Let’s not get anyone killed!
Indeed. Though I can’t guarantee that we won’t.

I don’t keep them lying around for use as party tricks.
That doesn’t answer the question, sir!
I think it is enough.
I simply use names as I need. In situations where it would be inconvenient for people to realize who I am, you see.
Would revealing my names not then be quite inconvenient?
That’s true, but no one reading this will mind spoilers!

The music stops.

Aww, he’s gone… You didn’t even answer either of them, Doctor!
Looks like you’re having some trouble.

You’re always here just when we need you, Yuuya!
I have been trailing him for quite some time, after all. I’ll leak a little confidential information, just for you.
You’re always ready to reveal state secrets just when we need them, Yuuya!
Well, that’s a little harsh, isn’t it?
Anyway, moving right along. As you all know his name as a member of the faculty of St. Pigeonation’s, and his name as a medical doctor, is “Iwamine Shuu”.
And his name as a researcher for the Hawk Party was “Isa Souma”. That’s the name I first knew him by.
We also have evidence indicating that “Isshiki Mishio”, the public prosecutor who died suddenly a few years ago, might be the same person.

He has quite the history, doesn’t he?
It all seems a little excessive to me. In any case, the truth remains shrouded in darkness.
Anyways, that’s it for me. Can’t keep the ladies waiting, after all. Adieu!

The music stops.

Thank you, Yuuya!
…It’s a little late now, but will he be okay? The doctor was awfully insistent about hiding those names, and he just blabbed all about them…
But then again, he can take care of himself. It’s not like the doctor could kill him or anything, even if he did find out.
Next letter! It’s from one “Sanya”, for Nageki.

Nageki will have to answer these himself.

Sorry. But you’re a really important figure in BBL, so we need to have you here.
Sanya was asking what happened to you after BBL--
At the very least, we do know that I spoke to you when you woke up from hibernation.
Right. Let’s take another look at that scene.

The music stops.

This is incorrect. The scene plays if you have every ending unlocked before playing BBL, including the bad end.

…That was a pretty bad spoiler. Are you sure it’s okay to show that? There might be people who’ve cleared BBL but still haven’t seen it.
S-sorry! Sorry! I-I wasn’t thinking! Waaaaaaah, don’t look! Don’t look!
…It’s a little late now.

That’s still pretty vague…
I don’t exactly exist to begin with. It’s a little hard to imagine something that doesn’t exist disappearing.
But then again, part of your body is inside mine now. So maybe you do exist after all.
I don’t know what happens after the end of BBL. Maybe I disappear later on, or maybe I end up sharing Mr. Kawara’s body.
…Maybe, if I do end up staying--

I would be nice to see Prof. Nanaki living happily… He’s been through so much.
It wasn’t all fun and games for me either, but I definitely agree.
How about the second question?

Didn’t you think about where you wanted to go in life, Nageki?
Not really. I never had a dream for what I wanted to be when I grew up, or anything like that.
If nothing had ever happened I probably would have gone on to college, graduated, and thought about things from there.
It is pretty hard to know where you’ll be a few years down the line. I haven’t put any thought into my career path at all…
I bet you’d make a good museum curator, or a librarian. Or a writer.

For the world where you’re still alive.
Yes… Something like that.
Is that all?
Yeah. Thank you, Nageki!

The music stops.

This last one is anonymous. It’s for--
Hello. Is this the recording room?
Mr. Uzune! Please, come in, come in. Have a seat.

Would it be all right if I brought some home? I’d like to give them to the children…
Oh, yes, I think that would be fine. I’ll wrap them up for you when we’re done.
Really? Oh, I’m so happy. Thank you!
…He’s certainly quite talkative. It’s almost hard to believe he’s actually Prof. Nanaki.

You had your job as a lecturer, and after that you took care of the children… It certainly doesn’t seem like you’d have the time.
I don’t go. I am enrolled, though.
You’re enrolled, but don’t go???? Is that… Umm… Are you a truant?
No, no. I’m a distance student.
Oh, of course!
Everyone helps out with the housework, so I have more than enough time left to study.

He’s a very caring guardian, too. My father could stand to take a leaf out of his book…
Thank you so much, Hitori!
Thank you for having me!
It’s almost like someone brought a painting of the ideal young man to life. I wonder if I’ll grow up to be as pleasant a person as him…

Broadcast End