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by ChorpSaway

Part 54: Episode 39: The Lighthouse, Determination

The… the bridge is broken!?
He must have destroyed it. He really doesn’t want to let us leave, does he?

Wh-what do we do…? I… don’t think I can jump that…

Oh! Of course! Because you’re a pigeon! I completely forgot about that!
I’ll go.

It is the lighthouse The King has tried to stop us from reaching at all costs… What could be waiting inside?
I don’t want to make Nageki go alone if I don’t have to, but…
My thoughts were cut short by a loud rumbling coming from the room we had just escaped.


I peered back to see what was happening.

What should we do…?
Coooooo! (The King has multiplied! This is a case of the grossest asexual division!)
No one told us he was capable of this!

Nageki, The King’s coming after us!
Go, quickly! I’ll break some jawbones and be after you in a flash!
Alone? But…

Although he started to protest, Nageki seemed to realize quickly what needed to be done.

…Right. See you… later, Miss Lourde.

Nageki flew away towards the top of the lighthouse.
No time to worry about him though, I’ve got royal butt to kick!

The music stops.

The souls of lost birds are drawn in by this magic lantern, this lighthouse, and swallowed. They swell up, and dream a happy dream.

This lighthouse…
It is a giant magic lantern. Everything Miss Lourde and I saw as we walked around this world was a fake. An illusion, projected by this lighthouse.
Yes, a fake… But it was fun, wasn’t it?

I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me. When I turned around to face him, however, I didn’t recognize who it was at first.


The King waited here for the dark, tangled souls which the river of heaven deposited at the foot of his jeweled throne.
The King was there when they arrived. So it is no surprise to find him here, in the lighthouse he had tried so hard to prevent us from reaching.
This King--

Were you drawn here by the light? Or are you the first King?
…I suppose it doesn’t make a difference either way. You are one of The Kings, and The Kings are you.
The King said, and you will become The King, as well… Don’t you want to?
I’ll pass, thanks. And not just me. Everyone who came here with me has already refused your offer.
It was a little hard to deal with the big King throwing a tantrum back there. I’m glad I can talk with you now.

Eep……! S-stay away from me…
…Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.

You’re trying to break the dream kingdom I built, aren’t you? That’s mean…
I suppose so.
But you’ve tried to keep us shut in. If you let us, and the others you’ve captured, out of here, we won’t break anything.
I don’t want to!
The King said, if The King did that, he would be all alone again.
Waah… -sniff-…

…I was always alone, too. I didn’t know how to return to the sky.
I think I should have gotten on the train, like you. But I stayed on the earth.
I spent a long time alone, burying myself in a fake world born of books. I had no one to talk to. Just like you.
It was quiet, and peaceful. I had no friends, so no one hurt me.
One day, I started making friends. They’re a whole bunch of nutcases… I can never tell what they’ll say or do next.
They’re all loud, and active. Just being with them tires me out.

The stars on the planisphere glitter.
I know what The King is afraid of.

That won’t do anything, anymore… That planishpere isn’t any good now…
…Indeed. You took one of the stars, after all. The star you feared the most isn’t here.
That star is gone. I already absorbed it… So, come on, just stop threatening me… You can’t do anything…
Yes, I can.

The stars on this board are here to burn through The King’s lies.
One of them is missing, but… all I have to do is replace it.
Birds’ souls shine like stars. I should have at least one true gemstone with me.
Which one should I use?

Well, I picked these first two up with Goon, as a reward from The King for taking on his requests. I can only imagine what one of those would do in here…
The music stops.

I placed a gem in the slot, and waited for a reaction.

The King said…
Heeheeheehee! You fell for it!
I thought this might happen, so I gave you some fake stars!
You were almost there, too… But it’s okay. You will be happy with The King…


The King hydra, appearing from nowhere, let out a horrifying scream as it flew towards me at an incredible speed.

I couldn’t risk this. Everyone’s fought so hard to get here, so I can’t make a mistake. I know exactly which gem I can use to fix this planisphere.

B-be careful with that! Don’t you realize what you’re doing!?

Thank you… Hitori.

I slotted the gem into the planisphere. The effects were immediately clear. I had made the correct choice.

I know! I know what happened! You burned to death, didn’t you? Aren’t you scared of that? Why are you making yourself go through it all again!?
…“Dear Lord, I beg of you, look into my heart and hear my prayer.”

No, stop! You’ll burn everything I’ve made!
“In my next life, don’t let me waste myself… Let me use my body for the true happiness of everyone in the world.”

The glittering crystal forest, and the warm, friendly plaza! Everything will disappear!
“And then the scorpion burst into flame. A brilliant crimson glow. And by the light of his burning body, he lit up the night forever.”
…I am that scorpion now. I would burn a hundred times for my friends’ happiness.

Antares, in the heavens. The light of the scorpion’s flame guiding those lost in the dark towards the dawn.
And so The King’s story comes to a close with the story he loved.
There’s nothing to hear. I’ve already burned like this once. The scorpion burns a bright crimson flame, and the dream ends.
The music stops.

…What will happen after I’ve burned again?
I hope the others get out of here safely.
You’re coming too, Nageki!

I didn’t expect to hear that voice again. Did she…?

Sorry I’m late, Nageki! I got delayed while I was climbing up!
Miss Lourde, it’s dangerous here! Get back!
Oh, come on! I’ve fought beasts and climbed a lighthouse! Come on, take my hand! Quickly!

Watch out, kids, the building’s coming down! Sure feels like the final scene now, huh?
I don’t know what exactly he did, but Nageki certainly hasn’t cut any corners.
So, what should we do? I’d rather not get turned into a pancake underneath this castle after coming so far.

Although he said that, we began to fall as the room vanished from around us.

Coooooooo!? (Okosan is falling! Okosan is falling!)
Look, we’re heading for the Milky Way! We’ll be out soon.
What of Lourde and Fujishiro? Did they make it?
They’re probably fine. Goon’s hunter-gatherer instincts will guide her through whatever it takes to Nageki out of there.
Merry Christmas!! (It’s the Great Escaaaape!)
Stop clinging to me, you two. It is uncomfortably warm.
Which way is up? Which way is down? I feel so light--

Hitori was interrupted by a horrible scream. How did The King--!
The music stops.

However, The King did not attack Hitori. He appeared to be… talking to him?

Oh… Is that right?
Aaah, uueeeh…
I know, I know… But it’s still too soon.
That’s right, I’ll be along soon. I’ll catch up with you.
Some day…

Another voice broke through the silence of space.

Everything started disappearing around us. Soon, nothing was visible. We fell silently through the darkness, unsure of where we’d land.