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Part 14: Shrine Visit 4: Nageki

Shrine Visit 4: Nageki

Nageki’s is probably one of the most interesting shrine visits.

The first three days of the year are always crowded, and it’s really cold in the morning, so we decided to be a little untraditional and go just after noon.
Of course, even if we waited for weeks or months before going, our first trip to the shrine in the new year would still be a New Year’s visit…
Nageki is delicate like the first flowers of spring, so I’ll have to make sure he doesn’t push himself!

…You’re here already.
Oh! Nage…ki…??

The music stops.

Uh, umm… Nageki? You sound like Nageki… You’re Nageki, right?

Yes. Sorry, did I keep you waiting? I made sure to leave on time, but…
Don’t worry, you’re not late! I just came early. I wasn’t waiting too long, anyway!
More importantly, what’s up? Are we going to hold up a store or something? I mean, I’d be happy to, if that’s what you want to do…
…This thing really is weird, isn’t it.
No, no, I think it’s nice! It’s definitely nice! It’s warm and it hides your identity! Everyone should have one!
I’m behind you whatever you’re planning, Nageki! We’ll do our best together, okay?

Hitori made me put it on. He said I shouldn’t go out without making sure I was perfectly protected from the cold.

Does that really mean wearing a balaclava, though!?

He made me bring a whole bunch of hand warmers, too. I don’t think I’ll run out for a week.
Mr. Uzune does seem to worry about you a lot…
He’s overprotective. I barely managed to convince him he didn’t have to come with me today.

According to this information (and the fact that Nageki is outside at all), Nageki is alive in this scene, and he’s living with Kazuaki/Hitori. This points to a timeline where Nageki never took up the chance to get “help” from Iwamine and therefore end up dead, or he was able to get out of the testing facility without dying. Nageki is a perfectly normal, if unsociable bird.
It’s inconsequential, since it doesn’t factor into anything outside of this one scene, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless.

I wouldn’t mind if he came along…
I would. I’m not a child anymore.

Of course I do! I’m so happy I get to be with you, Nageki!
Anyway, it’s time for Lourde-senpai’s Guided Shrine Tour! Let’s la go!

I think when I came by during summer vacation there were maybe three other people…

Is this your first time visiting a shrine for New Year’s, Nageki?

I see… You should make up for all the lost time and make lots of wishes now, then!
…Is it all right to be that sloppy?
It’s all about your frame of mind. You’re not very religious in your day-to-day life, are you?
I’m not.
Then you can be as sloppy as you want!

Take this! Super coin-toss! Zzzzzbang!
Are you supposed to throw the offering money rowdily like that?
The gods will have an easier time hearing your message if you put lots of spirit into it, right?
I don’t think I need them to hear it that well.

Hey! He just threw his like a normal person! He stared at me with cold, disdainful eyes and threw it like a normal person!

…What did you wish for, Nageki?
That’s a secret.


I don’t really have to tell you. It’s between me and the gods, right?
Aww, that’s no fun!

Well, okay… I guess if you go around shouting your wish to everyone it sort of feels like a god is going to pop out of nowhere and revoke your right to a divine miracle…

I am curious about what he prayed for, but it doesn’t look like he’ll tell me.

There’s a tea shop up ahead that sells really good mochi, Nageki. Let’s go!

And so concludes Nageki’s shrine visit event.