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Part 52: Episode 37: Reunion, But Still Something is Missing

Thhhhhe K-K-King sssssaa-aa-aai-d. d. d.
B-b-b-become. B-b-ec-c-come. Ooooonnnne-nnne with usss.
No, thank you!

It’s no good! He isn’t getting hurt at all!

I thought he’d die if we hit him enough, but I don’t feel like we’re doing any damage at all. If only I’d brought a halberd or something…!
There’s definitely something wrong if he’s completely unfazed by your punches, Miss Lourde.
It’s not like they’re doing nothing, though. He just recovers very quickly.

Who gave this chump a regen buff!?

Wh-what do we do, Nageki…?

Maybe so, but I’m getting awfully tired of The King’s incessant invitations!
Couldn’t I take him out if I bypassed his regeneration by throwing all my hunter-gatherer strength into a single attack? There’s always a chance, right?

Nageki had a point. If I waited for Yuuya to come back, we might have a chance to overpower his regen by both attacking. If I keep trying to do this on my own…

Say your prayers, Mister King! I’ll decide this in one blow!
…Were you listening to me, Miss Lourde?
Don’t worry, Nageki! If I can hit him, I can kill him!
Come to me, o spirits of my proud steppe-hunter ancestors! My blood burns with the flames of the sun! Grant me a single strike to split the crust of the Earth itself!

I did it! He definitely felt that!
The music stops.

Miss Lourde…!
Err… Huh…?

My leg is stuck deep inside The King’s chest (?). I can’t get it out.

A horrible scream erupted from the mouths (?) of each king’s head. I was slowly being absorbed into The King.

Soon, everything went dark.

I couldn’t risk anything like that happening.
Nageki was right. We probably can’t get through with force alone! We’ll have to buy time and wait for backup.

M-m-m-mak-k-king, m-m-making craccckkkkssss is ba-a-aaad…
Look out!

The King took a huge swipe at Nageki. Thankfully, I was quick enough to tackle him to the ground, out of harm’s way.

Nageki, are you okay!?
Yes… Sorry.
It’s okay!

The King has been targeting Nageki this whole time. Looks like maybe Nageki is his natural enemy, like the migrant said.

Don’t worry about it. We need you to burn the lighthouse, after all!
I’ll protect you, Nageki!

While I was still blocking Nageki, The King took the opportunity to launch an attack at me.

Miss Lourde!

Ugh… I got hit bad, boss…!
This King really is a nasty man, batting the heroine of a dating sim around like that!

Not in all my days and travels as a hunter-gatherer have I fought a creature like this. But even so…
I need to get Nageki past him somehow, even if it means sacrificing myself!

…Hey, wait! Nageki, what are you doing!?

While I was reeling on the floor from the last attack, Nageki got up and placed himself between me and The King.

I will send you home safe, Miss Lourde. To reality. To the school. Because… you have a future, Miss Lourde.
N-N-Nag-g-geki, sh-sh-sh, sh-should, d-d-d-die in a fffffiiirrree…

The King slowly draws closer to Nageki.
He’s gotten heavier, and he keeps sprouting more heads. There’s no way Nageki could take a hit from him.

Your Majesty. Please don’t hurt Miss Lourde any more.
Y-y-youuuu mussst not, y-you m-m-m-must n-n-not goooo!

Using this advantage, The King wound up a huge attack and headed straight for Nageki.
The music stops.



Okosan, dashing out of nowhere, sweeps Nageki up in his wings and skids into the corner, sparks flying from his claws.

…I’m dizzy. You really are quite fast.
Cooooooo! (What did you expect!? Okosan’s legs are pure, muscly gold!)
P-p-p-pooorrrr, p-pooor Ok-Ok-Okosan. Heeeee r-r-r-runs, and he r-r-r-runs, butttt he will n-n-n-n, n-n-never find annnnyth-th-thingggg.
Coo! (Spare us the foolishness!)
Cooooooo! (True Pudding does exist, somewhere in the world!)

Knocked off balance by Okosan’s attack, The King began to fall over.

…Wait, no! Fall in a different direction!

I need to get out of the way! But my legs are still--

Goon, grab my wing!
What a careless lout you are. Hold on tight!

Two birds grabbed me and moved me out of the way of the teetering King.

Ryouta! Sakuya!

Never been better!
You’re practically in tatters! I expect better than this from my underlings!
I’m not your underling or your mercenary or anything, Sakuya!
Aaaaaaaahhhh, aaahhhh… But eeeeven if y-y-you go baaaack, th-th-the world will onnnnnnly keep h-h-h, h-hurting yyyooouuu!
You were right, sir. There are two birds in my heart. And it’s painful. Sometimes I think I’m going to tear apart from inside.

If I stopped worrying, if I stopped being in pain… I wouldn’t be myself anymore!
I don’t care if I don’t know what tomorrow will bring! I want to go back to the real world, and live into the future with everyone!
Have you no shame, you pathetic being? You call yourself a king, but you are as limp and weak as a boiled frog leg!
You fear contact with others? You comfort yourself by forcing everyone into the same mindset as yourself? You despicable coward!

Coo! (Sakuya is cool!)
Sakuya would be a way better king than you!
Hmhmm. But of course.
Sakuya! Don’t let your guard down!

Unfortuantely, the warning came too late, and Sakuya took a big hit from The King.

Uuugggh… How dare you strike at me while I am speaking, you cad!?
A-are you okay!? Did he get you!?
Aaaaahhh… aaaggghh, uuuuhh…

Merry Christmas! (Miru and Kaku will take care of all your scrapes and bumps, with a wink and a twink and a ho-ho-ho!)

A familiar pair of white creatures tumble across the room and begin administering emergency care to Sakuya.

Hmph… It’s not like I asked for this, or anything…!
Can I borrow that first aid kit for a minute?
Are you okay, Goon?
I’m great! I knew you’d be here, Ryouta. Thank you!

Th-Th-The K-K-K, K-King… dooooooeees not und, undersssstanddd…
Okosan, look out! He’s coming from above!

Before the attack could land, though, a gunshot rang through the room, and The King’s attack was cut short.

Ummm… Tell me, what’s happening? Things have gotten a bit strange, haven’t they?
I knew you’d show up looking like a hero, Yuuya!
So Hitori was all right? …Good.
You’re late, Sakazaki! Been off gallivanting around while the rest of us fight, have you?
Do forgive me, dear brother. I was looking for somebirdie and was unfortunately delayed.

Ooooh, uuuuuuuurrrggh, aah, aaaaahh…!

In the face of the ever-growing party in front of him, The King began to attack wildly.

Wow! He’s even more of a berserker than I am!
I think we’re going to win this!
Watch out. Someone’s gotten angry.

The rampaging Okosan and the heroic Yuuya have gained the upper hand--or, have they? The King is still thrashing around an awful lot.

Just a little more and we can win! Just one more…

The music stops.