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Part 57: Radio 5: Human Form Questions

Part 5: Human Form Questions

Hello again! Everybirdie’s favorite rock dove, Kawara Ryouta from 2-3, here!
First off, thanks for playing all the way through story mode!
That must have taken a while! Make sure to take a break if your eyes are tired, okay?
They’re not? You’re fine? All right, let’s go!

As you all know, we’re birds, but we have human designs, too.
They’re just a bonus, or there for convenience, or something like that, though.
So don’t think about it too hard, okay?
All right! Our first question is from Naginata.

…Gosh, I wonder why they want to know about that?
I’m wearing light-gray today. Let’s try asking the others.

A lot of those weren’t really answers!
This next one isn’t exactly about our human forms, but it fits the subject of pants.

As you can see, we aren’t wearing any.
Clothes for us as birds are only used for warmth, fashion, or ceremony, and aren’t really mandatory at all.
All right, next question! This one is from Imari, for Prof. Nanaki.

Uhh, this one would be a little hard to just ask to his face…

Umm, professor?

The music stops.

You’re pretty heavily dressed in human form, sir. Doesn’t it get hot during the summer?
That’s true… but even during the summer so many places have the air conditioning on that you need a coat to stay warm.
If I go to the supermarket in short sleeves during the summer I feel like I’ll freeze…
Aah, yes, I know what you mean! Whenever I go shopping in short sleeves I need to go running to the bathroom.

Is it?
Don’t you ever want to strip down a little?
Not really, no.
Hmm, I see…

The music stops.

I-I’m sorry! I just can’t bring myself to look at my homeroom teacher and say “Take it off!”

Anyway, on to the last question.
This is another one for the doctor… Maybe he gets so many because he’s so mysterious?
It’s from Kisami.

Yes, Yuuya’s are just for show. Every so often he’ll break a pair and it doesn’t bother him at all.
A true Super Agent needs to keep six or seven pairs of fake eyeglasses around, after all.
Oh, Yuuya!
The doctor left as soon as we did that question about panties.
You know all kinds of things about him though, right? Do you know how his eyesight is?

It seems to be pretty bad. If you take them away he’s practically helpless.
You tried taking his glasses away!?
Hardly! I’m not that much of a daredevil.

Aah, I see…
It was bad enough that he started feeling pretty sick, too. They were returned promptly.
Sort of like how wearing glasses that don’t match your eyesight can make you dizzy?
Merry Christmas… (He got all wobbly…)
Well, we don’t know the exact numbers, but it sounds like the doctor’s vision is bad enough that in his human form he can’t get by without his glasses. I guess that might be good to know.

Broadcast End