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by ChorpSaway

Part 32: Episode 19: An Eclipsing Evening

Please be aware!
This episode contains spoilers for “The Inugami Clan”, by Yokomizo Seishi.

If you are reading it or plan to read it, you may want to wait until after that to play this game.
Otherwise, enjoy the ride!

I’m not sure it’s exactly a moon-viewing party… But I am glad it’s clear. The weather report said it might get cloudy, after all.
It’s cold up here, so make sure to stay warm, everyone!
I see you even brought a blanket, sir!
Yes, this blanket always helps me relax… Zzz.
Wake up, you fool! Aren’t you supposed to be the chaperone?

Looks like the regular crew is all here. Meeting up in the school at night like this is so exciting!
And of course, the most excited of all was--

Coo, cooo? (Can you feel your bestial inner selves calling, Goon, Nageki?)
My bestial inner self? I don’t think I have one.
I can, Okosan! My hunter-gatherer blood boils!
Looking at you I almost wonder if there ever really was a time when humans ruled the earth, Miss Lourde.
Coo, cooo! (Okosan thinks Goon is probably not a human!)

NO!! I am a human!
…Hey. That conversation just reminded me.
Can the others even see him?
Okosan doesn’t seem to be having any trouble… I’ve heard that animals can see ghosts, so maybe the same is true of older breeds?
What about Ryouta?


He can see him just fine. Maybe Ryouta and I are attuned with the paranormal?

Is there… really someone there?
Yup! You can’t see him? A kind of skinny mourning dove?
I am not surprised. Most birds haven’t paid any attention to me until now.
I am not sure I believe it. Is this a joke?
No! Though if it were I bet you’d fall for it completely!

Wha… Do you mean to mock me, filthy mongrel!?
Aaah! Geez, don’t fight, you two!

Doves aren’t usually nocturnal, are they? Why do they all have so much energy?

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!

Aaagh, these two have too much energy, as well!

I had hoped they would calm down once Christmas was past, but… it would seem that they become excited in response to any sort of special event.
Doctor! You’re here to see the eclipse, too?

Merry Christmas! (It’s hide-and-seek! Mr. Moon is playing hide-and-seek!)

Well, everyone seems to be having fun!

Mmmm… It’s almost midnight.
Look at the sky, everyone. It should start soon!
Nageki, Nageki! It’s starting!
You don’t need to shout. I can hear you perfectly well. You’ll bother the neighbors.

OH!!! It’s the middle of the night! I forgot!

Umm… Nageki? Can I sit next to you?

I sat down next to him, and rested a bit on his wing.
I can’t tell if his feathers are warm, or cold. I can barely even tell that I’m touching them at all… It could be just my imagination.
But, sitting here gazing at the night sky, he looks happier than usual. Seeing his face makes me feel warm inside… This must all be my imagination.

The eclipse is starting.

I could barely hear Nageki.
I tried to open my eyes but the force was too great.
I didn’t want to miss the eclipse; it’s the reason we’re here in the first place.
But I couldn’t keep my eyes open.
I was slowly… falling…