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Hatoful Boyfriend

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Part 6: Episode 6: Lunchtime Lunacy

Mmm! Today is a good day. I feel like I’m shining!
I wonder what I should do during break…

I think I’ll eat at the cafeteria today.

Yum! My favorite.
Coo! (No! This is wrong! A fake! A vicious lie!)
A familiar voice indeed.

What’s going on?

Not that I can’t tell by looking.

San saw the pudding here and went nuts.
I stopped him from going on a rampage, but… Ow! Cut it out, Okosan!
COOOOO! (Release me at once! My RAGE VOLTAGE is rising!)
Help me, Goon!

Well nothing’s going to be solved by letting Okosan free. Let’s make sure nothing bad happens in the cafeteria, and that starts by giving Ryouta a hand.
Cooooo! (No! The beast-queen shows her true colors! Pull out! Pull out!)

Okosan rushes from the cafeteria like a rabbit from a catapult.

Aaah! Safe at last. Thanks, Goon.
No problem. All I did was shout at him, anyway.

I may have felt good earlier, but my good deed has made me feel even better now.

My good mood lasted all the way to the end of the week, our next elective day.

As much as I enjoyed my music lessons, I think it’s important to do some regular studying as well. I’ll sit in on one of Mr. Nanaki’s classes.

I always find myself wondering what the math we learn is good for…
Coo… (Zzz…)

Is this math class or nap time!?
Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!