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Part 7: Episode 7: First Semester Closing Ceremonies

There’s probably a bamboo tree in the plaza this year, too… I think I’ll go make a wish.

That’s so like Ryouta, putting others before himself. It’s very sweet.

I’m not quite sure what it says. I’m sure it means something to Sakuya, though.
The note says “Impossible is not French”.

Mr. Nanaki’s writing in English, but I have about as much idea of what he’s wishing for as I do with Sakuya…
What should I wish for?

I wish to take the reins of power through clever schemes and rule the world from the shadows!
Oh, hello… is that you, Lourde?
Mr. Nanaki!

Gosh, I really hope he didn’t hear my wish!

I was about to head home. Would you like me to walk you to your place?

I mean, there’s certainly no harm to it. And I would be safer to walk home with someone else.

Yes, please!
All right.

Mr. Nanaki demonstrated some extreme sleeping on the way home, but we arrived eventually.

The music stops.

I like it this way!
It’s wonderful to have a place to come back to, isn’t it?
Wonderful indeed…

…He looks a little sad.

Umm, sir--

And so he left, a somewhat hollow-sounding farewell echoing behind him.
Or was it just my imagination?

By the end of the week, it seemed that Mr. Nanaki was fine.

With finals coming up, I can’t slack off. I better hit the math books.

Sir! How will integral calculus help us in life?
Hmm… hard to say. It might never help you at all, Lourde!

Integral calculus is educational candy!? I’m not prepared to accept this…
Goon leveled up!
Wisdom increased by 5!

Today had be feeling nervous and on edge again.


Yes, sir!


The music stops.

Sometimes it seemed long and sometimes it seemed short, but either way, it’s summer now!
I think Sakuya said to help him clean the council room before going home…
He always gets angry if I make him wait, so I should hurry!

I came as fast as I could!

Sorry, Sakuya. Let’s start cleaning.
Very well.
First, move the shelf and chairs. There’s dust underneath.
Next, inside the cupboard. Arrange the files by date.
And then the floor. Polish it at least three times. And the windo--
Hold on. Are you telling me to do all that by myself?
Who else is there?

You, bonehead!!
Maybe I should stand up to him?

I’m pretty sick of Sakuya’s attitude with me and the other students. I’m gonna try and knock him down a few pegs.

Sakuya, I’m the vice-president, not the charwoman.
Is that so?
My job is to help you. So maybe you should be taking the lead role in cleaning up?
That’s why I’m giving you orders.
No! Geez, that’s not what I… Here’s a mop! Work!
I… you… what…!?
You know how to use it, right? Let’s get started.
Don’t tell me you’ve never…

Talk about living in the lap of luxury.
And so Sakuya reluctantly helped me clean.
I’d thought he might complain for a while, but he certainly can be obedient!

And that was how my summer vacation began.