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Hatoful Boyfriend

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Part 8: Episode 8: A Run, A Fateful Encounter

It was only two days into summer vacation, and I could already feel the lethargy.

A hunter-gatherer’s body is her way of life, so maybe I’ll go running today!

I thought it’d be good to start off nice and easy. I ran through the city streets.

I passed by a lot of pleasant settings on the outskirts.

…And some not so pleasant. I ran faster through this part of the city.

I even passed by the place where our class had hiked earlier.

I don’t know how long I was out running, but I stopped as I saw the sun begin to go down.
Aaah! That was a good run!

A true Running Girl’s way to start vacation!

I wonder how far I ran… I always lose track of where I’m going once the runner’s high kicks in.

I must have wandered out of my usual stomping ground at some point.
Which way did I come from…?

Don’t fail me now, Paleolithic homing instinct…!

The sun’s setting. I’d rather not sleep outside…

Hey, you.

A sparrow stands next to me, squinting up at my face.
Her wing is resting on a motor scooter.

I feel a strange pressure… I can tell right away that this sparrow isn’t just anybirdie.

Umm, I’m from St. Pigeonations. I was out for a run and got lost.
You ran all the way from there? You must be good.
It’s about a two hour drive from here.

I guess that’s why my legs hurt!

Aaah… I wonder if I’ll be able to run home again…
I like the cut of your jib.

The intimidating sparrow gestures at her scooter.
It’s a little small, but we should both fit… I think…?

Th-thank you! Umm… may I ask your name?
Koshiba Azami. I sell takoyaki.

Then thank you, Azami!

The music stops.

It was late, and the only sound I could hear was the motor chugging along.
You’re a very… cautious driver.
Carve it into your soul, kid! One accident is all it would take, and that would be the end of both our lives.

There is a far-off look in her eyes.
I’m sure you know what you’re talking about, but at this rate I might get home faster by walking!

Do you think we’ll get there by dawn…?
Carve it into your soul! The speed limit for scooters is 30 kilometers per hour!
We’re not even going that fast!
Following traffic laws is part of my credo!
Isn’t riding tandem against the law, too?
That rule is for humans.

We’re fine like this.

But I’m not a bird…