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Part 109: Episode 101: Ryouta, Goon

Mr. Nanaki was having trouble supporting himself, so I helped him walk back to the rest of the remaining birds.

…Yeah, I’m fine.
How unexpected. If it were me, your insides would have divulged themselves and their secrets long ago.
Nanaki! I will not forgive this madn--
Don’t worry about it, Sakuya. It’s already over.
We need to get out. We’re already out of time.

Sakuya helped to support the injured doctor and we all made our way to the exit.

Nageki was kept frozen here, right, doctor?
Indeed he was. The facility was sealed off, so it was hardly difficult to keep people from snooping around.

…I’m staying here with Goon.
What are you saying, Kawara!? Come with us at once!
…I see. Kawara…
I thought you would say that. The Charon Virus has by now colonized your body quite completely.

What…! Was this your plan all along, you conniving physician!? Surely there is a way to remove the virus!
Alas, that would be impossible with current medical technology. Once established in the body, it is quite tenacious.
Even if we were to remove the tissues from Mr. Fujishiro, Mr. Kawara would still carry the virus.
Madness! Lunacy!

…Indeed, given Labor 9’s behavior and the subsequent damage she was dealt, there is no guarantee that her personality and memories are still retrievable.
With current medical technology, anyway.
Shirogane… Let’s go outside.
Do you mean to leave Kawara here? How deep does your selfish nature run!?
We’ll come back for him. It’s impossible now, but one day we may be able to remove the virus from his body.

Well, Mr. Shirogane? I think perhaps you would do well to respect Mr. Kawara’s thoughts on the matter.
I feel as if this one day has brought an entire lifetime’s worth of fatigue. I just want to rest for a little while…
I’m worried about mother… Sakuya, could you tell her I’ll be back, one day?

Despite his earlier protests, Sakuya began to leave the facility through the large exit doors.
At the same time, an alarm of some sort began to sound.

The music stops.

No matter how long it takes, I will come back for you. I swear! So--
Promise me, please. Promise me that you’ll leave this place with me, alive.
…Right. I promise.
I’ll be waiting for you.

Sakuya gave one last nod to me as the doors finally shut with a loud “clang”.

“Does this mean we’re finally getting into recap mode, Ryouta? I’m half sick from being stuck out here not even knowing what’s going on!”
“Ahaha, yeah, I guess you only got to see bits and pieces of the story.”
“Yup! So will you fill me in, please?”
“Mmm… I guess we have plenty of time for it.”
“I’m going to miss eating udon… But having you here makes things at least a little better. Right?”