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Part 15

Part 015 - E2M5: The Catacombs Halloween Spooktacular


I thought it'd be fun to have a halloween themed episode today. It's sort of random but I laughed at it. Anyway, the catacombs is a somewhat brief but interesting level with a lot water and a little bit of fire. Thankfully there is no ice this time. As far as it being an actual catacombs, there isn't a whole lot catacombey about it except for one section which you'll see. I also demonstrate a really good strategy for the Iron Lich. Don't worry about all the teleporters either, they pretty much take you to the same area. Also, stick around til the end... bwahahahahahaaa


Glazius posted:

What exactly is the difference between the Dragon Claw and the Hellstaff? It seems like they both fill pretty much the same niche except the Hellstaff isn't hitscan, which seems odd considering you get it later.

I'm glad you asked and I thank you for watching.

There isn't much difference in regular usage except that the Hellstaff is a projectile weapon, and I believe it's slightly more rapid than the dragon claw. The big difference between the two is when the Tome of Power is used:

I haven't needed to use the tome of power for that weapon yet, but I probably will soon.