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Part 7: There is Something Fishy Going On...

Today's update is going to be a short one, since we have a new character and there's not a lot I can do without a full party.

What an odd title.

These rulers are not giving themselves a flattering introduction.

Our hero for this chapter is Zefiryn, a powerful spellcasting fighter. Her capabilities are detailed in the next post.

We're given a pretty straightforward introductory mission to cleanse the local mines. This is fairly similar to Holdana's sidequest to clear Merchant's Pass, but slightly more difficult since we're dealing with ghosts.

I'm sure that's it. Certainly the chapter title doesn't make this extra foreboding or anything.

A Magus appears to be some sort of diplomatic title, perhaps a guild representative stationed in a city.

Zefiryn's home is significantly fancier than Holdana's. Perhaps Felix is her little brother or something?

Even better. :3: You know Zefiryn is a good person because she has a cat.

The baron kind of undersold what a problem the mine haunting is. The mine is shut down and the workers are out of a job.

I believe it's "crunk", sir.

Google tells me that Electric Lettuce is the name of a weed dispensary. I assume this man is planning to get very, very high.

I, too, would be interested in acquiring this key.

In case the player hasn't already gotten the hint, ghosts are immune to physical attacks. Don't feel obligated to give me any particular mage class, though; this is the first quest of the chapter and Zefiryn's casting is perfectly good. Plus, the town has enough scrolls for an emergency.

More gossip that is clearly going to be relevant at some point.

We nobly find the man's missing money, and, invoking the law of Finders Keepers, we take it.

In the local outpost, a mage tells us this bit of gossip. Recruitment centers like this can already change characters' classes, but this implies that the one in Cadana has extra functionality.

I'm mostly skipping over all the looting in town, but I want to point out that Zefiryn is continuing the heroic tradition that Holdana began, and that it has turned up a Warlock/Witch recipe that our last hero didn't find until near the end of her chapter. This could end up being quite a find.

Here's everything I collected from the town. Not a bad haul.

I am indeed.

It's time once again to vote for our party composition. The rules are the same as before: You can vote for up to three classes (one from each group), and you may optionally provide a name and/or gender for each. Since we're taking one of every class across the four parties, Druid, Shapeshifter, and Ranger are off the table, but everything else is free. Get those votes in!