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Hero's Realm

by 5-Headed Snake God

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Original Thread: How Do We Win the War on Terror? Let's Play Hero's Realm!



Hero's Realm is an obscure little game released in 2009. It's made using RPG Maker 2003, and features a considerable amount of modification (including a Final Fantasy-style active time battle system), so it's pretty janky. Most of its sprites are shamelessly taken from other games (mostly Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest), and many of its gameplay and plot elements come from those series as well. It's pretty clearly a mishmash of things from games the author likes, and it shows. And the plot is about as generic as these things get.

Don't take this to mean that the game is bad, however: it's actually quite good. Battles, though a little slow, are fun and exciting. The many character classes are each distinct and unique. The dungeons and overworld map are both well-designed and feel great to explore. And the humor, while a bit hit-or-miss, is charming and has some really, magnificently stupid puns. It's a love letter to 16-bit RPGs, and a very well-composed one.

LP Format
This is going to be a screenshot LP designed primarily to be informative. If you followed my previous LP, you can expect much the same style here, though I'll be doing more to show off the plot and writing since this isn't a romhack. It will also probably update less often, since there's generally much less to show off for any given amount of playtime. The game gives the player a chance to customize four different adventuring parties, and I'll be letting you, the readers, decide those parties' makeups (with some limits).

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