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Part 36: Interlude: Master Class Change

With the three colored Elfstones in our possession, we finally have access to the three master classes: Channeler, Templar, and Daredevil. As with the elite classes, I'm asking you all to decide which character gets promoted. The rules are the same; you can vote for one character in each class group (mage, warrior, & rogue) to get promoted, with the additional stipulation that our elite class characters (Hexia, Yajirobe, and Harley) are disqualified. Also as before, you can vote for no one of a given class to be promoted. This is especially noteworthy here since switching a character to a master class resets them to level 1. The loss of levels can certainly be worth it, but it's a consideration.

Channeler (Available to Karla, Curly, & Lina)

Further Comments: Channelers have access to basically every buff, debuff, and damage type, plus healing, all at no MP cost. That is exactly as good as it sounds.
Recommendations: Curly is starting to lag in terms of power, though Lina wouldn't be a terrible choice.

Templar (Available to Larry, Kali, & Moe)

Further Comments: Templars are black knights on steroids. High stats across the board, all kinds of magic, Holdana's Pummel command, and Zefiryn's Magicombo command? This is one of the best classes in the entire game.
Recommendations: None of our warriors are really lacking. Kali and Moe are probably the best bets.

Daredevil (Available to Wolff, Shemp, & Alibaba)

Further Comments: Daredevil is arguably the best class in the game, with only Templar really rivaling it. It's a direct upgrade to every rogue class except the Harlequin (which loses tarot cards).
Recommendations: All of our rogues could seriously use an upgrade, but only Alibaba wouldn't lose anything. Shemp in particular would lose his tools, some of which are irreplaceable, but Daredevil is so good it would still be worth it.