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Part 18: True Calling, Part 2: Skatmandu

Yeah, the opening for this chapter is a bit... intense.

We know from previous chapters that Murzhor is one of Mephistocles' generals. Turns out he's not only quite evil, but also remarkably genre-savvy.

Seriously, though, they are cartoonishly evil.

A lone soldier slays the monsters attacking him and flees the town.

After sparing one last glance for his devastated home, the soldier heads north, to what appears to be a monastery.

A short time later, a warrior-monk is called upon to address the situation.

This is our fourth and final hero, Raj Ahtan.

Our first task is to go see the abbot, but we're going to do a little exploring first.

East of Raj Ahtan's starting location is the Mirror Cavern.

It's visually interesting but serves no obvious purpose.

A local scholar gives us some information about where we are before realizing that our hero already knows it.

Taking to some of the people around here lets us know both that the monastery, Skatmandu, is an important holy site, and that there's trouble brewing in the nation of Indhopal.

I'm not sure what this paladin is trying to say, since we can't get to the falls from here.

We can get near them, though, and find a hidden chest containing our first Tiny Medal of the chapter.

Speaking of, the Tiny Medal house is in the well in the first town, as has become the standard.

At the base of the mountain is a small encampment of pilgrims.

There's also a side area, presumably containing monsters, and we're advised not to go there without getting our party together.

In case you hadn't yet gotten the hint, the Sultan has become kind of a bastard lately.

The shops here sell the usual early-game gear.

That's about all there is to see in Skatmandu. Let's go see the abbot.

The abbey proper is pretty important, boasting both the recruitment facilities and the inn.

The guard who escaped the town at the start of the chapter is here. Don't worry, man, we'll avange sweet little Laura-Lee.

A lone merchant generously donates a chunk of money to fund our heroics.

I don't have much to add here. The abbot gives us a brief speech and our initial task.

Let's do this.

Of course, with this being our fourth and final hero, there's not much to vote on vis-a-vis party composition. Raj Ahtan will be traveling with a Wizard, a Ronin, and a Bandit. I will, however, give y'all a few days to vote on genders and names in case that's something that interests you.