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Part 42: :science:

Welcome back, everyone. Last time, we found a very unusual-looking structure, so let's take a look inside.

Yeah, it's a high-tech building of some kind. I can't be coy about this. I'd have been more shocked if the game didn't have remnants and a technologically-advanced ancient civilization. But the heroes must be very confused by all this.

As we look around the entrance, this strip of white stands out starkly.

It's a security checkpoint of some kind, triggering a battle every time we step on one. The various security bots aren't especially tough, but they do have a Laser attack that can do considerable damage, especially to more fragile characters like Lina.

The rest of the enemies here are actually pretty rare, purely because the security bots are so common. Walkers and tekarmors are the resident tanks, with the former having a bit less durability but a somewhat strong Machine Gun attack. Speks are each attuned to a different element (fire, cold, or electricity, dictated by their color) and use attacks of that color; they also absorb damage of the same type. They're quite fragile, though, and not very dangerous except in groups. Bioconstructs are the one organic enemy in the dungeon, and don't seem to do much beyond make mediocre physical attacks.

Just past the checkpoint, we find a chest containing a stim pack. There are a few of these in the dungeon, and they're consumables that restore 100 HP and MP to a character. HP really isn't a big concern at this stage of the game, but it's not a bad thing to have in an emergency.

In the next room we find what look like cryogenic stasis pods. Maybe the computers will give us a clue about them.

Hm, no dice. We'll need to look for a way to activate the terminals.

We head back to the main room and head north, bringing us to a twisting hallway with a bunch of forced fights. Get used to seeing setups like this in the dungeon.

At the end is another nonfunctional terminal.

There's also a ladder leading up into a small room, which exits into another small room (with two chests).

The first contains a power glove (it's so bad), which boosts Strength and Defense and resists physical status ailments. It's a good fit for Yajirobe.

The other chest contains an electronic keycard, which will likely be useful elsewhere in the dungeon.

With nowhere else to go, we head back to the entrance and head up the ladder there.

It leads us to the roof, and we head left.

It leads us to another security hallway and a room with two terminals, both offline.

There's also a big metal door here, which seems like the perfect place to use our keycard, but no, it's shut tight.

We head back to the roof and head right, passing through a medical ward or bunkroom and into another security hallway.

Surprisingly, this leads us outside and to a separate building.

This looks important.

I have no idea how our heroes are able to operate this thing.

Regardless, this is a very obviously vital part of the dungeon. Priority one is disabling the lockdown to get through the big door. It's the only 100% essential thing to do here.

Doing so requires us to solve a math puzzle.

Given that this is the standard Fibonacci sequence, it's not terribly hard.

SIGSEGV posted:

First puzzle is not Fibonacci, those are sequential powers of two.

So far, so good. Next I suppose we should focus on getting the terminal system online so we can see what they're about.

But before we can do that, we have to power them up by turning on generator B.

Oddly, there's no puzzle for this one. It just works.

There we go. Let's start up the terminal system.

Naturally, there's another puzzle for this one. Can you solve it?

Based on how the other numbers were added up, this seems right to me.

It's not, though.

Not gonna lie: I only got this by finding another LP looking at the solution it came up with. If anyone can explain this answer, I'm very curious about it.

SIGSEGV posted:

Second puzzle seems to be 1 and then the list of primes. Next prime is indeed 13.
Okay, that feels fair, at least.

Regardless, we have the terminals up and running.

Next order of business: shutting down the security checkpoints, because they're really very annoying.

Okay, the third and fourth numbers are each the sum of the previous two, so...

639 + 1065 = 1704


Again, I don't have the slightest clue as to why this is the answer and would love an explanation.

SIGSEGV posted:

Third puzzle is (213*1; 213*2; 213*3; 213*4 is conspicuously absent ;213*5; answer = 213*6).
Well that's just unfair.

Regardless, it works, and we're done here.

Now we can leave without re-fighting all the security bots.

We can also interact with the terminals for items.

Skill tabs increase a character's MP, Intelligence, and Agility by 5 each. There are also power tabs that do the same for HP, Strength, and Defense. Not amazing, but better than any other stat-boosting items.

Back near the locked-down door is a different terminal with an ominous warning.

But never mind that, we have a vault to loot!

These have both been available for sale (we actually bought a dagger for Yajirobe), but they're high-quality items and more is always better.

And finally, the fancy middle chest contains the Divine Ward, our sixth relic. I haven't the slightest clue who managed to hide it here or how.

At this point, we could use Outside to leave the dungeon, but let's tempt fate. There's a save point here, after all.

Outside the vault, nothing seems different.

Until an alarm goes off.

And this big robot falls from the ceiling to fight us.

Meet Iron Gaia. This technically-optional boss isn't too tough, but it has a ton of HP and a few mean tricks. It spends most of its turns attacking a single character with either Cannon or Machine Gun (the latter of which is more dangerous), or using Mirage Field or Bio Field to afflict a single character with Surround or Inept, respectively.

At one point, however, it flashes and changes its color palette. In this form, its defense rises significantly and magic damage heals it. Luckily, Holdana's physical-heavy team is well-equipped to handle this. Unluckily, it also starts charging power for its ultimate attack.

The standard Laser attack use by the security bots is pretty nasty, so it stands to reason that this is gonna hurt.

...Or not? Despite its impressive animation, Quad Laser doesn't so much as scratch our party. I have no idea whether this is a bug or a matter of supreme luck.

Regardless, it eventually switches back to its less-protected color scheme, and eventually goes down.

It drops the haste helm, which grants permanent Speedup but has pretty lousy Defense.

And that takes care of that.

The only other thing of interest is this terminal in the cryo-pod room, which indicates that the pods failed. Presumably, nothing remains of those who built this place.

And that's that. We only have one relic to go, but what do you say we ignore it and check out another side area next time? Maybe we'll find a use for that keycard we discovered.

Level Up Roundup

Firevolt is the strongest group-target fire spell. It was a pretty big help in here.