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Part 30: Interlude: Elite Class Change

Though we could return to Paranor now, we're not going to. We're headed elsewhere.

With our characters starting to hit level 20, it's time to think about promoting some of them to the elite classes. As a reminder, a character (other than one of the four protagonists) who has reached level 20 can promote to the elite class in their class group, but at the cost of half their levels. Since I asked you all to vote on our party compositions, I'm enlisting you again, dear readers, to help me make this choice.

For each of the three class groups (mage, warrior, and rogue), I will change a maximum of one character to the elite class in that group. Your job is to vote for which characters you'd like to see get this upgrade. You can vote for any number of characters, with each vote counting equally and with me being the tie-breaker. You can also vote for No Mage, No Warrior, and/or No Rogue if you'd prefer to keep all the characters from a group as they are. (I've given my recommendations as to who would be the best candidates for each promotion, but I've spoilered them in case you'd rather make the decisions based on other criteria.)

Sage (Available to Karla, Hexia, Curly, and Lina)

Further Comments: Sage is an amazing class, with caveats. Its versatility is crazy, giving it a ton of attacks, heals, buffs, and debuffs, but having only single-target spells means it lacks crowd control. It's still a really good class, though.
Recommendations: Hexia's already starting to flag in terms of pulling her weight. Curly's going to have to deal with indirect spells being decreasingly useful as the game goes on.

Champion (Available to Larry, Kali, Moe, and Yajirobe)

Further Comments: I don't have much to add here. Champion is a very one-trick class, but it does that trick extremely well.
Recommendations: Yajirobe is easily the worst-performing of our warriors and could seriously use an upgrade.

Jester (Available to Wolff, Harley, Shemp, and Alibaba)

Further Comments: Jester is pretty fucking terrible and straight-up worse than any basic class. It does gain a significant benefit if we can get it back to level 20 though.
Recommendations: Harley or maybe Alibaba would probably be the best candidate for Jester, but there's no good option.