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Part 46: Assault on Death's Gate

Welcome back everyone. Thank you again for your unwavering patience.

When we last left off, the forces of light were getting ready to head for Death's Gate for the Final Battle. We got all of our preparations done, so all that remains is the assault.

As we set out, we use the Deluminator to switch to night. You'll see why in a moment.

There's not much to say about the enemies here; they're all the same as in Paranor. Tough, but nothing we can't handle.

This is the lone exception: a ghost merchant who only shows himself at night.

He sells a few crazy high-end weapons, including Akira's ultimate weapon, The Imperial. He also sells wizard potions and life herbs for frankly dirt-cheap prices. We buy enough to give us 50 of each: almost certainly enough for the endgame, but honestly, I probably should have just maxed us out to be safe.

Finally, we arrive.

So, you might remember that I said that the battle in Paranor was our last multi-party area.

However, you may also remember me saying that I hadn't played this game in a long time. Turns out there's one last dungeon waiting for us.

To be honest, there's not a lot to say about it. It's mostly just a bunch of caves and cliffs. The encounter rate is also super low, so getting into more than two fights with any party is highly unlikely.

So let's talk about the new monsters. First up we have the ifreet, which is actually an ice-themed beast able to cast Icespears and Stopspell. We also have cockatrices, which...

...fucking kill characters outright.

A fight like this can just end a party if you get unlucky.

Next we have the Chimera, which can use basic attacks, as well as Lion's Bite, a strong physical strike, and Goat's Milk, which heals it (ew). I'm guessing it also has Dragon's Breath and maybe Snake's Venom, but I didn't see them.

This is also a good chance to show off Holdana's Reaver. Despite a lack of special abilities, it does have a sweet attack animation, and it can do a ton of damage. This is a crit, but even standard shots hit for around 700 damage.

And finally, we have the phoenix, which uses fire and healing magic. It's really nothing special.

At the end of each character's path is a save point and a set of stairs leading to a floor button.

Getting all four parties through this is no trouble. As I said, the encounter rate is super low, and with a save point at the end of each path, even a TPK isn't a disaster. So let's get Death's Gate open and get on with this.

Well that's ominous.

Oh, he's a big one.




When we return to Death's Gate, it's in control of the Child of Light.

Well, so much for the armies of good.

At least our protagonists survived.

Not gonna lie, that's :black101: as hell.

The game's giving us some top-tier dialogue here at the end.

So here we are fighting the Shadowstorm, the second-strongest demon there is. Rather than one of our parties, we're playing as the Child of Light. All that time we spent gearing her up actually came in handy!

She has a ton of good spells, including Zefiryn's unique top-tier spell that she'll likely never get high enough level to learn.

She's also quite tanky; she isn't 100% immune to damage here, but she has enough durability and speed that with proper healing she'll never go down.

She also gets some help, as our unconscious heroes get back up to join the fight.

We also get some shots of Raj Ahtan's and Akira's ultimate weapons.

Wait what.

In a bold move, Kristin sacrifices herself to allow us to win the fight. Kudos to whoever called the Child of Light not surviving to defeat Mephistocles.

Shortly after this, the Shadowstorm changes colors and starts spamming Black Soul, which restores 9999 of its HP with each use. Its defense also goes way up, so this time is best used for buffing and healing.

Eventually it changes back, and the fight begins properly. Besides Powerbeam, which deals a bit over 100 damage to the whole team, it has a number of very powerful moves. Fiendfyre deals a ton of damage to one character, Frozenite deals some damage and a bunch of stat-down moves to one character, and Dhoom sets everyone's HP to 1.

But with some persistence (and a lucky crit from Akira), it does go down.

Hell yeah.

...Way to ruin the mood, Akira.

Next time: the end, one way or another.

Level Up Roundup

There really wasn't much combat this update.