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by 5-Headed Snake God

Part 48: The End

As the screen fades back in, the camera pans over Death's Gate and over to Paranor.

Every good story needs an ending, right?

We open on Zefiryn and Alistair, as well as Zefiryn's cat Felix, who we last saw in her house in Dracoma.

Zefiryn has gone from a local Magus to the leader of the Gurus of Paranor. Not a bad step up.

As the camera pans south and fades out, we see the crowds of citizens cheering their new leader.

Raj Ahtan seems to have returned to Skatmandu.

I don't believe that's how sultanates work.

Well, whatever. It's another ending fit for a hero.

Unsurprisingly, Akira has also moved up in the world.

Despite the endless enthusiasm of Captain Ginyu and his men, Akira leaves the throne room without a word. Maybe his adventures have made him more soft-spoken.

And Holdana? Holdana returns home.

Holdana's mom is a pretty nice lady.

While everyone else gets promotions, Holdana gets a parade.

But then, even that seems like more than she wants.


Final Thoughts
Replaying Hero's Realm was a good experience. While it's not an amazing game, it does almost everything right, and for its price, it's worth playing. I appreciate everyone sticking with me through the LP and being patient with my many delays, and I hope y'all enjoyed it.