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Hitman Contracts

by Darth Ronson

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Original Thread: 'Is that a bar code on your head, sir?' - Let's Video Play Hitman Contracts



After doing a Let's Play of Hitman Blood Money I thought I'd continue and do a Hitman Contracts one. The game is sort of a stop gap between Hitman 2 and Blood Money, in so much as only half the missions are completely new, the other half being remakes of missions from Hitman 1.

47, the game's anti-hero has been shot and is lying bleeding on the floor of a dingy room, having flashbacks of previous missions. It's not until Hitman Blood Money that you actually get any kind of closure on who set him up, so there's no major plot developments as such.

I originally posted the Meat King Preview Clip from the 'Meat King' level in the Blood Money LP as a taster of things to come. I won't be creating quite that much carnage this time round, though if I do get the chance to stick one of the butchers on their own hooks, I'll probably do it.


Meat King Preview ClipYouTube
Attract sequenceYouTube
Meat Party Pt 1YouTube
Meat Party Pt 2YouTube
Russia Pt 1YouTube
Russia Pt 2YouTube
Manor Pt 1YouTube
Manor Pt 2YouTube
Rotterdam Biker Bar Pt 1YouTube
Rotterdam Biker Bar Pt 2YouTube
Rotterdam Docks Pt 1YouTube
Rotterdam Docks Pt 2YouTube
Hotel Pt 1YouTube
Hotel Pt 2YouTube
First Triad MeetingYouTube
Second Triad MeetingYouTube
Third Triad MeetingYouTube
Lee Hong Must DieYouTube
Final missionYouTube
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