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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 12

Pop in the VCR tape

What could she have found out, and what does this key go to? Time to head to her FBI office.

Anything inside the small cabinet?

Use the key from her neck, and find a piece of paper.

Could that be the password for her computer? It is. As I mentioned earlier, any attempts to screencap here come up blank.

What it says on the computer is that scientists have been disappearing and that Samantha met an informant who mentioned Condor Island as a clue. Time to talk to the Chief about going to Condor Island.

Hopkins: I think I might have found a clue.
Chief: Go ahead, I'm listening

Hopkins: Samantha met an informant.
Chief: So what?

Hopkins: She disappeared shortly afterwards.
Chief: So what?

Hopkins: The informant told her about an island.
Chief: So what?

Hopkins: There's gotta be a connection between this island and Berkson.
Chief: Pure hypothesis Hopkins. Give me facts ?

Hopkins: I want to visit this island.
Chief: I don't want Berkson to know you're coming. I'll phone the airport to reserve a plane. You'll be parachuted on to the island. I hope you're right.

Head to the airport.

and a long, boring, crappily rendered, irritatingly scored video and you end up at Condor Island.

Here is the video. Love that 90's CG

and that's about all for now. I'll do more updating later today, but I have a few things I need to take care of. See you in a bit