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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 13

Ahh. The beach. Time for a short look around, like maybe that shell over there. Anything important about that?

How about under it?

Money. Taken. Nothing else that Hopkins can see, time to head to the town. Chat with the locals, see what's what.

Dice game! Hopkins wants to play. Offer up the money found on the beach.

and a little FMV scene that I can't capture shows the dice landing 4 2 1.

and to the left, free shovel...but that would be stealing. Not something a respectable FBI agent would do.

Then do so Hopkins.

Let's check out the stores. See what Hopkins can get with his $70 (I know the guy says he won $75, but the inventory only says $70). Wonder what the fishing shop has.

and there goes all of Hopkins money.

For $70, I expect it to guarantee a fish being caught.

For now, we'll go back to the beach. Do some digging, maybe find some treasure.

But first, someone previously mentioned that there were several characters you could talk. I haven't been showing these conversations for one main reason.

Most of them go something like this

Everyone else in this village says the factory makes fishing equipment.

Off to the beach again.