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Hopkins FBI

by Vlaphor

Part 6

Having just come back from the dead, Hopkins decides to take a closer look at where he is.

Mine now.

Time to leave the forest, shooting bad guys again as we head to the right this time, get to the very end, and off to Samantha's house.

No Samantha? Maybe she's playing coy. I'll check the bathroom.

Ooohh. Making me work for it. Ok.

Hi honey, I'm in there?

Don't see any light switch, could be a blown fuse.

I was right. It should be ok to just stick anything in there. Wonder what Samantha has?

Let's check the drawer.

A little too big...and there's the whole "Electricity and lighter fluid don't mix" thing. Maybe the empty vase might hold something.

Chewing gum in the vase...why not? Not the most unusual thing Hopkins has seen today.

Wait, Hopkins has an idea.

That might work.

Bingo! Here I come honey!

Behind the curtain?

That's not Samantha!

It's something NWS

Something written on the bath tub(still NWS)

A riddle(same NWS pic as before)

Where I spend my days, there I will find a gift. Well, as an FBI agent, I spend my days in my office at the FBI. I'll go there...but first I want to look around the room some more.

How about that small mirror?

Which means that I'll probably need it later. Taken.

That dust rag?

Well, I picked up an empty bottle, might as well also pick up an old rag. Taken. Anything in the drawers?

Those actually could be useful. Taken, and I'm off.