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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

by Lacedaemonius

Part 1: Major & Minor Characters

Playable Characters (in order of appearance)

Martin Brown
Famous actor who portrays Jacket in the slasher flick "Midnight Animal", a made-for-Hollywood dramatization of the events in the first game. Shot on set by the actress that plays Hooker while recording a scene for the film.

The Fans
A group of friends and vigilantes that venerate Jacket and perpetrate their own copycat crimes in the hope that the calls will return and direct them. They're composed of Corey the Zebra, Tony the Tiger, Mark the Bear, and the Swan twins Alex(#1) and Ash(#2) (Ash is male, he just loves lip gloss). All except Tony are murdered by an unknown assailant during the assault on Russian mafia HQ. Tony is executed by Pardo in the SWAT intervention that follows.

Manny Pardo
Hard-nosed detective and Lose Cannon Cop Who Doesn't Play By the Rules!™ on the trail of the serial killer "The Miami Mutilator". Notorious drunk driver and friends with the writer, Evan Wright. Died of boredom waiting in his house waiting for a SWAT assault that never came.

Fat redneck and anti-Russian activist, earnestly believes the South will rise again. Received the same mysterious calls as Jacket. Killed by Russian mobsters after murdering several.

Evan Wright
Self-employed writer and former war correspondent. Currently researching to write a book about Jacket AKA "the mask maniac". Killed in the nuclear exchange between Russia and the US.

The Henchman
Long-time hitman for the Russian mob, now retired. Found a big ol' bag of money at his last job. The money was stolen by Mary and he was executed by the fans while under the influence of hallucinogens.

The Soldier
A soldier in the special forces group "The Ghost Wolves". Hates the war and is eagerly awaiting retirement. Revealed to be Beard, killed when San Francisco is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.

Richter Berg
Another individual coerced into murdering Russians by the mysterious phone calls. Primarily concerned with taking care of his dying mother. Died in the nuclear exchange between Russia and the US.

The Son
Son of the Russian mob boss Jacket killed in the first game. Dedicated to wiping out the Colombian mafia and retaking control of the city. Jumped off a building to his death after slaughtering the fans in a drug-induced haze.

Minor Characters

Richard from the first game, will randomly appear to the various characters to offer perspective.

The Ghost Wolves
A feared and infamous special forces squad comprising of only four operators and a commander. Despite their small size, there are numerous tales of their daring and almost superhuman feats, from single-handedly slaughtering whole battalions to conquering fortified bases without support. They're comprised of, in picture order:
The Soldier, Barnes, Daniels, Unknown (never named/pictured), and the Colonel.