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Original Thread: It is never Lupus in the House: MD Cellphone Game.


As requested in the Request thread, here it is. Wikipedia has this to say about this delightful little cellphone game based on the TV Series "House M. D.".

Wikipedia posted:

Exelweiss developed a House game for mobile phones in Spanish and English.[61] The plot of this game is similar in some parts to the season two episode "Humpty Dumpty".

And what the company that made it, Exelweiss, a Spaniard videogame developer, badly translated by me:

Eexelweiss posted:

The succesful television series House M. D. arrives now to the mobile phones in the form of a fun graphic adventure.

Put yourself on the skin of doctor Gregory House, the most irreverent physician of television, and help him to solve a complex medical case proposed by Dr. Cuddy, director of the Princeton-Plainsboro hospital, where the series takes place.

With the assistance of your team, formed by doctors Chase, Cameron and Foreman, the player must study the symptoms of the patient and assign a variety of diagnostics until the cause of the illness is discovered. Besides, just like in the series, the player will have to search in the patient's house, and look for evidence of the relation between the patient and Cuddy.

The final objective of the player is to solve the case, making the correct diagnostic to cure the patient, but first you must take care of some complications, like House's addiction to vicodin, or Cuddy's own decisions, which will interfere with the diagnostic.

With fresh dialogs, full with humor and sarcasm, the game develops an intriguing plot with unexpected twists and secondary plotlines. The player will be able to explore the Princeton-Plainsboro hospital with a polished environment on isometric view, and simple, intuitive controls.

So, yeah, let's start this.

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